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Hyperhidrosis Overview


Body temperature is maintained constant by the Sympathetic Nervous System, which controls the optimal temperature, through generating more or less sweat. When the system producess an excess of sweat , the condition is refert to as hyperhidrosis . Around 1 in every 100 people suffer from milder or aggravated forms of hyperhidrosis and their sweat production is well above the regular necessary levels. While the medical risks presented by hyperhidrosis are very low, this condition tends to interfere with social interactions and ultimately has negative psychological effects.

Excesive Sweat Triggers

There are not clearly identified triggers for hyperhidrosis , but it sees that outside stimuli do play an important role in this process. The condition appears in childhood and it cn follow a person throughout their teens and in their adult life. Stress is one of the factors that has been known to aggravate this condition and push the sympathetic system to create more sweat. Anxiety and outside pressure may also trigger the negative aspects of this medical condition. One of the most unpleasant forms of excesive sweat is that of facial hyperhidrosis.

Other forms of manifestation of Hyperhidrosis

Sweat Gland

There are other areas of the body where hyperhidrosis appears - the hands, the feet, the back area, the underarms, the face. Palmar hyperhidrosis and pedal hyperhidrosis are among the most widespread forms of this condition. Facial excessive sweat is also well spread, and it can sometimes affect the neck region and the ears and forehead. There are many factors that can trigger facial hyperhidrosis , such as emotional distress or outside temperature. Sweaty armpits are another common form of finding hyperhidorsis. The annoying negative effects of axillary hyperhidrosis are mostly troublesome in society and in working environments.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Types

Different approaches are available for treating hyperhidrosis. Here are some of the most common and successful of them: antiperspirants, Ionotophoresis, Sympathectomy Treatment, hyperhidrosis medication etc.


If you feel that you sweat excessively, consultation please to its doctor and the find was. Not they to have measured to sweat normal. So that each one of us we have to ascertain if we sweat excessively, normally or very less. If sweat of excess is its problem, the find was more about it down. Note please that to sweat excessive explain what is hyperhidrosis can be of two types. In the first case that its body sweats naturally more and in the second case, you sweat more on account of some conditions and illnesses. The first condition is called hyperhidrosis primary and the second one is called hyperhidrosis secondary. In sweating primary of excess of hyperhidrosis occurs in its greater part in hands, the feet and armpits.


The common reasons to sweat of excess- The central center of the order for the sweat the processes related are the hypothalamus. The brain sends information to the nerves of the sweat that then pass for to the glands hyperhidrosis treatments. When system of shis obtains hyperactive, the product of glends of sweat the largest quantities of the sweat, having as a result the condition known as hyperhidrosis. The different stimuli can contribute to this process. The very common one includes the agitation, out of the pressure, the anxiety, the emphasis. The social interactions can cause also the excessive sweat, because they are the environments when all the factors already mentioned come be assets. When a person that suffers from the hyperhidrosis is entrance in social interactions the force of the exterior increases of stimuli, doing that more susceptible person to sweat extensively.


Unless you suffereing of the hyperhidrossi, you will have problems believing that that sweat can cause so many problems. Nevertheless, this is a reality around 1% of the population of world has to treat with. The sweaty hands, the feet or faces – these are the serious matters that can have a deep effect in a confidence in itself of person and car respect. When you is afraid social interactions, thinking that its partenrs of the dialogue will notify the problem, you tend explain what is hyperhidrosis to obtain each time but introvertite. Avoiding the social interactions come they be each time but frequent, like hyperhidrosis tends to aggravate during times of the anxiety.


The people that suffer from the hyperhidrosis of pedal, the sweat as excessive also known standing, will notify also that numerous difficulties in their each day live. The management any type of role or delicate electronic team comes be a nightmare, as all comes be humid and unusable. While there are various processing of medicaion, many excessive patients of the sweat do not see the results that are worth to mention – they are able, but only after a while. This is in part because they lack essential information with regard to its problem. If you suffers from the hyperhidrosis and you utilize the processing of the medicine prescribed 2-3 years ago, you perhaps want to ascertain the new available processing. For more information in the hyperhidrosis, visit please:


Some food and the beverages can cause sweats him excessively. The beverages that contain alcohol or the caffeine can induce to sweat of excess. Similar some spicy food can do some sweat of people a lot.


Sweating excessive can be also due to hereditary reasons. Please find was if its explain what is hyperhidrosis parents had also this problem.


If you are in the medicine, the find out of their doctor if they cause to sweat excessive. Some drugs induce to sweat heavy.


The women crossing the menopause can obtain sofocos of heat and excess that sweat. Similar wrongs that have the low levels of male testosterone of hormone can experience sofocos of heat.


Some illnesses and the conditions can produce the abundant sweat. The heart attack, the fever malarial, other fever, the condition of thyroid, the tuberculosis, some fever, low sugars of blood and other illnesses can cause sweats him excessively. You should consult its doctor about these conditions.


Consult please to its doctor if you break suddenly in the cold sweat. That can be emotional in the origin or physical. Similar if you find a sudden change in the body odor, you should tell its doctor about that. You can suffer some problems if you sweat excessively compared to other. Its nails can develop the infections micóticas. The athlete's foot can be another problem, as can be the stinging feeling of sportsman. For the hyperhidrosis primary many processing are available that can control the sweat inside acceptable limits. Maintain it clean and dry is always another way to maintain the good hygiene.


This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not thought to be a doctor advises and is not a explain what is hyperhidrosis for the professional medical counsel. Consult please to its doctor for its doctor concerns. Continue please any tip was yielded this article only after consulting its doctor. The author is responsible for no result neither the damage that result of the information obtained of this article.

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