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Sleep hyperhidrosis


Night flashes are also known as sleep hyperhidrosis. This condition manifests itself through excessive nighttime sweating, with the patient waking up soaking wet. Sleep hyperhidrosis affects certain areas, and patients may experience it in the same areas that they have trouble with during the day as well. Sleep hyperhidrosis is less annoying than daytime excessive sweat and treatment is usually easier.

Sweating excessive in Youths sleep hyperhidrosis Can Cause the Emotional and Physical Problems but Can Be Tried Really


Few things can be harder for a youth that is different, especially when that difference is due to a to shame and to isolate the condition as hyperhidrosis, or like to sweat excessive. This condition can affect all of the clothes that one carries to the activities that one can enjoy, and often takes a young psychological toll that have it. - It Added March 14, 2006


No Sweat


The offensive body odor is illegal in libraries in San County of Luis Bishop, Calif. A code of conduit, the officials say, they are necessary to assure that that right of person for utilize a public library does not violate the rights of another and the police officers have the authority for remove the library sponsors that smell evil.

Sympathectomy essential of Video-Helped of HyperhidrosisArticle for the hyperhidrosis essential: the effects in the cardiopulmonary CHEST of the function


The fund: Hyperhidrosis essential is characterized for the hypercritical of the nice fibers that pass for the sleep hyperhidrosis ganglions upper-numbers (second and third parties ganglions [D2-D3]), torácicos and the processing of the election they are sympathectomy video-helped of thoracoscopy. The modifications in the cardiopulmonary function after the processing have been reported. - It Added March 06, 2006


Stop to Sweat with Acupuncture


Sweating excessive can do a squeeze of hands a to shame and the event feared. It can cause carrying shoes with was socks inconceivable clothes and moneychanger of bed in half at night a normal occurrence. - It Added December. 14, 2005


Article of Palmoplantar Hyperhidrosis


"Hyperhidrosis of Palmoplantar is a common condition in which the eccrine (the sweat) glands of the palms and soles secrete the in an improper way large quantities of the sweat. The condition can come be weakening professionally and socially. Hyperhidrosis of palmoplantar of Idiopathic begins in the childhood and runs frequently in families". - It Added April 11, 05

The administration of Postsurgical Hyperhidrosis With the direct current and the Shin Waters


Sweating excessive, known like hyperhidrosis, can affect people socially and functional. This relatively common disorder of the unknown origin can imply focal the glands hyperhidrosis treatments of eccrine of the axillae, of the soles, of the palms, or of the front, or can be generalized and implies several areas. The glands hyperhidrosis treatments responsible for hyperhidrosis focal are innervated of glands of eccrine by anatomical nice, but functional cholinergic, the fibers. 1 - It Added April 12, 05

The 16-year-old girl with sweating - Large Series Each day, the human body perspires to maintain constant internal corporal temperature. The sweat is sleep hyperhidrosis regulated by the Nice nervous System, that controls about five million glands hyperhidrosis treatments in the body. Sweating is controlled for branches of the nice chain that is located inside the cavity.Hyperhydrosis of chest is a medical condition that causes sweat far away more than the physiological needs of the body. Although nobody know why some individuals sweat excessively, they are known that the to sweat is controlled for the nice nervous system. Sweating excessive can be episodic or continuous.


You are ready to go in an interview of work, to the church, or to find someone new and you notify that the hands and the armpits sweat. Or, you has just you completed an aerobic training and its entire body is soaked in the sweat. Its body (Nice nervous System) secret naturally the sweat to be chilled the body. But, at times, until 1% of the population has to sweat excessive where the body (Nice nervous System) excess of work to be chilled the internal corporal temperature. The condition is known like hyperhidrosis.

The locations of hyperhidrosis


Hyperhidrosis can occur suddenly or continuously, in the four greater areas: hands (hyperhidrosis of pilgrim), armpits (hyperhidrosis of axillary), the feet (hyperhidrosis of the plant), and the face (hyperhidrosis facial).

hyperhidrosis of palm grove | hyperhidrosis of axillary | hyperhidrosis of the plant |

The symptoms of hyperhidrosis


Hyperhidrosis of pilgrim that has, hyperhidrosis of axillary, hyperhidrosis of the plant, and/or hyperhidosis facial they are a deep experience and dramatics. It affects all aspects of the life, inclusive the work and professional activities related, the activities to live daily and the normal, interpersonal, and social actions.


The sweaty hands can occur upon finding someone for the first time, by the agitation or the emotional grief. Still rub in a small quantity of lotion can cause hyperhidrosis of palm grove.


In the hyperhidrosis severe of pilgrim packs, the sweat is seen to drip literally downward of the hands. This is a condition that can be discerned in the early childhood. The patients with the disorder of hyperhidrosis of palm grove are constantly aware of their condition and they think that they have to live with himself. Generally, the to sweat of the hands is the most arduous sleep hyperhidrosis demonstration of hyperhidrosis primary. The quantity to sweat varies of the humidity to drip true. Many patients report, also, that its hands feel the cold and humid.


Because hands are exposed in professional and social settings, many patients with Hyperhidrosis are timid and they can avoid the social contact. They can be reluctant to greet or paperwork of asidero. The patients have been ashamed still to have the hands of those they worship.


Axillary Hyperhidrosis, to sweat excessive in the armpits, can cause the embarrassing marks wet in shirts. The people with this condition avoid many colors and the fabrics that would be able to show the marks of the sweat.


Hyperhidrosis of the plant refers to sweat excessive of the feet. Is a cause acquaintance of the standing smell and feet of athlete. The combination of palm grove and hyperhidrosis of the plant can create a problem for a conductor because the humidity of the hands and feet can build to do the steering wheel and the foot gives to the slippery pedals; this, on the other hand, can cause a lack of the control of the vehicle.

Hyperhidrosis facial, sweating of the face, can be so abundant that causes that the person be insecure, appearing excessively anxious, when this is not really the case. Along with sweating facial, someone would be able to experience to blush facial, another embarrassing demonstration of the activity of the nice nervous system.


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A 16-year-old girl presents to complain of axillary and excessive palm grove that sweat. The increases that sweat with the emphasis and they do not seem sleep hyperhidrosis to be associated with the temperature environment or other factors. The patient denies any history of the family to sweat and excessive reports that she does not take the prescription neither the medicines without prescription in a regular base. -He added April 14, 05



Sympathectomy is a surgical procedure that destroys nerves in the nice nervous system. The procedure is done to enlarge the blood irrigation and to diminish the long-term pain in certain illnesses that causes blood vessels tightened. It can be utilized also to diminish to sweat excessive. This surgical procedure cuts or destroys the nice ganglions, the neuron bodies collections in groups by the spinal cord excessive sweat treatment or lumbar. -It added April 18, 05

Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy for Obvious Hyperhidrosis


Hyperhidrosis is to sweat excessive beyond the physiological need. It affects generally the palms, axillae, and the soles and can affect the face, the groin, and the legs. The symptoms appear generally in the pubertad and they can cause the social and psychological problems, as well as educational and professional difficulties. Between 0,6% and 1% of the general population is affected for hyperhidrosis. (1) -It Added April 20, 05

The processing of hyperhidrosis


Hyperhidrosis, or to sweat excessive, is a disorder that can cause the social isolation or the professional incapacity. It can be generalized or can be located, and although frequently idiopathic can be a demonstration of several illnesses sistémicas important. The drugs, the surgical procedures, sleep hyperhidrosis and electric devices that all can be employees by the doctor you arm as therapeutic to treat hyperhidrosis. -It added April 25, 05

Hyperhidrosis segmental unilateral associated with adenocarcinoma pulmonary


This is the report of a 38-year-old man with hyperhidrosis unilateral of dermatomal documented for a technique of the starch-iodine; a subsequent diagnosis was done of an adenocarcinoma pulmonary generalized. The association of hyperhidrosis unilateral and a harmful tumor is revised. -It added April 28, 05

The Efficacy of the Device of Drionic in the Processing of the Exaggeration


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