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Primary hyperhidrosis

Here is the definition for primary hyperhidrosis:

"Hyperhidrosis without known cause (= primary hyperhidrosis )

This is a far more frequent condition than secondary hyperhidrosis and appears, generally, localized in one or several locations of the body (most often hands, feet, armpits or a combination of them). Primary hyperhidrosis starts during childhood or adolescence and persists all life. Nervousness and anxiety can elicit or aggravate sweating, but psychological/psichiatric disturbances are only rarely the cause of the disorder."

The Efficacy of the Device of Drionic in the Processing of Hyperhidrosis in People with Youthful extremity amputated


The majority of the people with youthful primary hyperhidrosis extremity amputated that carry one or more artificial members have the problems with sweat of excess (hyperhidrosis) of the stump inside the electrical socket protésico. Appears to be the most common reason for the elimination of the prosthesis before the end of the day. The increase of the sweat can have as a result various disorders of skin that can cause an interruption in the carrying daily the guideline of the prosthesis. -It added May 02, 05

The processing of hyperhidrosis with types an of toxin of toxin botulínica improves the quality of the life - the Whispers of Washington - Brief Article


The objective of this study was to value the quality of the life (QOL) of patients with hyperhidrosis before and after the processing with types an of toxin of toxin botulínica (BTX-A). Three hundred primary hyperhidrosis and twenty adult patients with hyperhidrosis primary, bilateral and persistent of axillary sufficient to intervene with the activities of the everyday life were registered of 17 European centers of the dermatology. In this it randomized, double-blind, the trial of placebo-controlled, the subjects or BTX-A received 50 OR to each axilla or they received the vehicle of placebo. -It added May 03, 05

The administration of hyperhidrosis


Hyperhidrosis primary occurs in answer to the emphasis of the psychologic and emotional stimuli. It implies generally the palms, the soles and axillae and can carry to the humidity and to stain of clothes, humid hands, the infection and the blisters of the plant. For some people, to sweat can be so excessive that carries to the social isolation, low own love or still to the medical illness. Manusov and Nadeau revise the pathophysiology and the processing of hyperhidrosis. -It added May 05, 05

Thoracoscopic T-3 Sympathicotomy For Obvious Hyperhidrosis


The study was designed to evaluate future the efficacy of T-3 sympathicotomy in the processing of hyperhidrosis of palm grove. -It added May 09, 05


The return to Surpass

FDA approves Botox for the hyperhidrosis


Allergan has received the Administration of Food and Drug (FDA) the Toxin Toxin approval botulínica Types A (Botox) for the processing of hyperhidrosis of axillary that is persisted to trite processing. Botox already has been approved for various other purposes inclusive the processing of moderate to severe lines of frown of glabellar. It has been approved for the hyperhidrosis in Canada for more than two years primary hyperhidrosis and has been utilized of-label for this indication in the United States . Toxin of toxin botulínica Types AN is a protein produced by the toxin botulínica of the bacteria Clostridium. -It added May 10, 05

Hyperhidrosis that treats - Letter to the Writer


The obstruction of the median nerves wrist and ulnar before processing of hyperhidrosis of palm grove with toxin of toxin botulínica (BTX-A) reduces the inconvenience and improvement the certainty of injections of BTX-A. The authors indicate that block of wrist enlarges the certainty but can be associated with the mechanical/chemical injury. The anesthesia local present of the nerves of medium/ulnar that utilize of 25 G X 0,50 X 13 needle of the caliper of Mm compared to a short one of 30 G X 0,40 X 6 needle of the caliper of Mm. There was a sum of

The Processing troops to Sweat Excessive Evil to Patients not more Long Swimming in the Anxiety

Few things can be harder for a youth that is different, especially when that difference is due to a to shame and to isolate the condition as hyperhidrosis, or like to sweat excessive. This condition can affect all of the clothes that one carries to the activities that one can enjoy, and often takes a young psychological toll that have it. - It Added March 14, 2005 37 patients with hyperhidrosis; they were dealt with BTX-AN after median and obstruction of nerve of ulnar. -It added May 11, 05

The local neural block in the wrist for the processing of hyperhidrosis of palm grove with toxin of toxin botulínica: the technical improvements


We read with interests the editorial one in the hyperhidrosis by Collin and Whatling. [1] They suggest that that toxin of toxin botulínica should be the processing of the election for the hyperhidrosis of axillary. The early studies have shown that injection of intradermal of toxin of toxin botulínica produces an effective but temporary inhibition to sweat. [2] The therapeutic effects of toxin of toxin botulínica have been reported to last three to eight months in healthy volunteers. [3] -It Added May 16, 05

Botox - Brief Article


It is Botox, the very same dermatologists of toxin utilize to level the lines of the frown and feet of raven. Some dermatologists utilize Botox in patients that sweat excessively under the armpits. The primary hyperhidrosis glands hyperhidrosis treatments are controlled for the nice nervous system, and when Botox is injected in tiny quantities under the armpit, the toxin weakens the stimulus of nerve to the gland sudarípara. -It added May 17, 05

No sweat: sweat of operation: to sweat of extreme can call for the extreme processing


"At times in the country of play or in the school, the children did not want to have hands with me on account of the to sweat, that carried to some to intimidate," Gualandi said. "This it affected a lot my confidence in i". -It added May 18, 05

Sweating severe treated with Botox


A new processing has been approved to sweat excessive, that an investigators reports team is surprisingly common. Until recently, few data had existed in the frequency of the condition, known like hyperhidrosis. -It added May 19, 05

Botox approved to sweat severe of armpit


After it be approved for various other purposes since 1989, inclusive to improve the frown lines appearance among the eyebrows, Botox now can treat to sweat severe of armpit (hyperhidrosis primary of axillary therefore cannot be handled for trite agents. -It added May 23, 05

Botox Is An Effective Processing to Sweat Excessive


(the Annual Meeting 59 of the American Academy of the Dermatology) the Results of two clinical trials suggest that toxin toxin injections botulínica type A (Botox) can diminish sweat in the area injected inhibiting the liberation of the neurotransmitter responsible for stimulating the gland sudarípara in patients with hyperhidrosis of palm grove (to sweat excessive of the palms) and hyperhidrosis of axillary (to sweat excessive under the armaments). -Added in August 1, 05

The processing of hyperhidrosis of axillary by chemodenervation of glands hyperhidrosis treatments that utilize toxin botulínica of type toxin A.

Hyperhidrosis primary of axillary is a medical condition characterized by sweating excessive of armpit that is thought to result of the hyperstimulation located of glands hyperhidrosis treatments by cholinergic nice fibers of nerve. It can be associated with emotional, physical, professional, and significant primary hyperhidrosis deterioration as well as considerable difficulties in social situations and in personal relations. The available therapies have been limited for the efficacy and the at times significant adverse ephemeral effects that can put patients in the risk for potentially serious complications. Chemodenervation of glands hyperhidrosis treatments that utilizes toxin of toxin botulínica types A (BTX-A), that has the most minimum adverse effective lasting therapeutic efficacy, has arisen like an extraordinary therapy to treat hyperhidrosis primary of axillary. This article revises the procedure of chemodenervation, inclusive the patient preparation, the administration of BTX-A, and the evaluation and patient monitoring. It added December 1, 04

The Injections of Botox Fight the Sweat Hyperhidrosis statistics


A processing did famous to fight the wrinkles can provide also lasting the relief of another embarrassing condition: the sweat hyperhidrosis statistics excessive. The first long-term study of injections of Botox in the processing of the common disorder that sweats sample the injections can reduce surely the sweat hyperhidrosis statistics to two years. -It added September 19, 05

The parents "transmit" sweaty palms


The embarrassing problem of a squeeze of humid hands could be genetic, before that a sign of the agitation, the scientists demand. Nevertheless, it can be cured with "most minimum invasive" the surgery, they demand. -It added Aprial, 02

Hereditary sweaty palms

If very sweaty palms often cause frightened to have hands with a date or to greet an associate, you are not primary hyperhidrosis alone. It so happens that a surprising number of people shares the embarrassing problem of hyperhidrosis -- or to sweat excessive. And the investigators now report that the disorder is genetic. -It added Aprial, 02


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