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presents from the holy land
We provide unique gifts and crafts from the holy land, Specially hand made glass ,stone art works hand made stone and glass mosaics

United Pentecostal Church
United Pentecostal Church Links, Websites, Churches, Pastors, Evangelists, and Missionaries

Sylvania Christian
Sylvania Christian is a nondenominational fellowship of believers and is part of the American Restoration Movement.

St Joseph Academy Waycross, Georgia
This site is dedicated to the alumni and faculty of St. Joseph Academy Catholic School, Waycross, Georgia.

Car Insurance Rate
Car Insurance Rate - Get the best car insurance rate for free online fast!

Christian Song Book Full of Songs for Christians
Road Rooster Religious Mall is a Christian online shop inspired from the beauty of Christianity offering Daily Scripture in 14 Languages, Free Bible content, Christian crafts and arts and much more Free Christian content. Sinners we beg you to come here and find peace, consolation, and contentment from the love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who Loves all Mankind.

Loser Society
Share your opinions with other losers

Iaddmup Christianity And Religious Center
Iaddmup Religious and Christianity Center is a place for Christians to come and look for peace and solace. Here you will find a link for missing Children the Lambs of God that are missing; maybe you can help locate one of these missing Lambs. We offer a Christian Chat Room and a variety of links at our Link Site. "Voice of the Martyrs" a site where you will find people in prison and suffering torture and humiliation for the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior awaits you when you exit.

The Family International :: South Africa
The Family International is a nonprofit, volunteer organization. Each of the activities you read about here have been made possible through donations from businesses, associations and concerned induviduals.

Search the Scriptures...
Bible Online - Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

Holy Bible
Read the Bible online. Read the Books of Genesis, Exodus, Revelation, learn about life of Jesus and his apostles.

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