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Ionotophoresis Treatment for Hyperhidrosis


When undergoing Ionotophoresis treatement the patient's regions affected by hyperhidrosis are placed under water and then targeted by electrical currents The process of Ionotophoresis interrupts the activity of the sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat they produce. It works by sending targeted electrical impulses to the sympathetic nerves that cause the excessive sweat production. The effciciency of the treatment is good, when compared to other methods, but the healing process is lengthy. Ionotophoresis treatments are common with medium cases of excessive sweating

Reducing Hyperhidrosis

Ionotophoresis is excellent for treating milder cases of hyperhidrosis. It has good efects on palmar hyperhidrosis and pedal excessive sweating , but the treatment is time consuming. There is no definite cure with this process and it has to be reapeated over and over in order to keep the results constant. Every person undergoing Ionotophoresis treatment can decide whether this is an acceptable treatment form for them and balance the positive results with the time that the process takes to complete. The slower effects obtained with Ionotophoresis Treatments are compensated, some say, by the less problematic side effects.







The sweat is the natural defense of the Body to maintain the corporal temperature. Sweat contain normally water, and the very Hyperhidrosis ionotophoresis treatment small quantities of salt, the urea, the sugar and the ammonia. Sweating the body is refreshed of the Heat that can be engendered on account of the exterior temperature, the physical work, and the emotional emphasis. Some illnesses can cause also to sweat. For That you should consult its doctor.


On and low to sweat- some of us we can suffer from on sweating (hyperhidrosis) or very less or no to sweat (anhidrosis). Sweating very low can be to threaten of life, while on sweating can be caused at times by some severe problems of the Body.


The types of the Sweat- our body has two types of glands hyperhidrosis treatments- glands hyperhidrosis treatments of eccrine and glands hyperhidrosis treatments of apocrine. The glands of Eccrine are distributed all over the body. The glands hyperhidrosis treatments of Apocrine are located in the scalp, armpits and the genital area. These glands do not produce a lot of liquid. The sweat is generally toilet. Most of the times, they are the bacterial disintegration of the Sweat of both the types that produces the smell. We perspire naturally, all by the day, to help our regular body its temperature. In sweating in fact is necessary for the to function physiological healthy of our bodies. It is a mechanism in which the liquid that contains you leave is freed, because the body can dissipate the heat produced by the exercise and hot environments.


Nevertheless, in some people Hyperhidrosis ionotophoresis treatment, this natural sweat is excessive, a lot beyond what is essential to refresh the body. This condition is called hyperhidrosis. Although we do not know the cause I need for the hyperhidrosis, is assumed commonly to be a result of the envelope the activity of the hypothalamus, the center that controls the corporal temperature in the brain, or in the nice nerves, that run for the vérterbra of the thorn number in the cavity of chest.


Knew you that there is on five million glands hyperhidrosis treatments, distributed all over our body? Or that more than two third parties of them, approximately 700 glands by the square centimeter, in palms they are they found alone? These they are controlled and they are maintained for the nice nervous system, that is an independent part of the Nervous system, and on that we can exercise no control. This chain of nerves controls the aprocrine and the glands of eccrine, that are responsible for sweat of the Entire body. On the stimulus of these manifestoes of nerves he himself to sweat as Excessive. The part of the Body that is affected depends on which part of the nerves is on assets.


Hyperhidrosis perhaps generalized or focal. In the hyperhidrosis focal, the majority of the times, the hands (called to Wandering Hyperhidrosis) and the feet (called to Planter Hyperhidrosis) they are found for to be affected. In some people nevertheless, can be located to the face and the armpit (axillae) area. Small changes want an increase in the air temperature, the exercise, the fever, the anxiety or still spicy food, they can set Hyperhidrosis ionotophoresis treatment apart an attack to sweat. It reduces generally during the night and can disappear completely while the person is sleeping. Hyperhidrosis focal he is declared generally in the childhood or the adolescence. Hyperhidrosis general, in which to sweat the body occurs all over, can be caused for the diabetes, the illnesses, the hipertiroidismo, the menopause and even the chronic contagious obesity.


Any area is affected, hyperhidrosis generally suffers psychological. It is an embarrassing disorder and can hinder many daily activities. The still simple tasks want to greet or the writing can come be in an orderly fashion a problem. The clothes can have that to be changed several times a day. It can carry also to the social disorder of the anxiety. Nevertheless, the patients affected by hyperhidrosis are you said to have a physiological condition and is diagnosed rarely with psychiatric disorders.


The unfortunate part is that hyperhidrosis is not a temporary condition. The patients suffer generally of it for many years, at times correct of the adolescence, before seeking aid or processing. The good news are that there are many different methods to treat hyperhidrosis, the herbs mediations right to oral medicines, the lotions and even injections of botox. The processing depends on naturally the severity of the Problem.


To avoid the smell to cause of the Sweat, the best method is to maintain dry skin. The good hygiene will not permit bacteria to develop and to multiply. The mute after to sweat be another method, because clothes carry the sweat and they can cause the smell. If you have the excessive sweat or is bothered for the sweat, consultation please to its doctor that can suggest the different methods that can include the use of excessive sweat antiperspirants, injection of botox, Iontophoresis and in the rare surgery of cases.


The sweat is not a large problem for most of us. Is the smell that is the largest irritating substance. Maintain its clean body in every time and takes the basic care and you will find most of the problems that disappear. The deodorants do not reduce the sweat but only they disguised the smell with the perfume. the need is of disguise not but to stop the bacterial disintegration of the Sweat and if the sweat is excessive, to consult doctor and is tried.


This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not thought to be a doctor advises and is not a Hyperhidrosis ionotophoresis treatment for the professional medical counsel. Consult please to its doctor for its doctor concerns. Continue please any tip was yielded this article only after consulting its doctor. The author is responsible for no result neither the damage that result of the information obtained of this article.



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"Ionotophoresis hyperhidrosis treatments work well with mild cases of pedal hyperhidrosis and hand sweating."
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