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The International Hyperhidrosis Society


This non profit organizations focuses on helping those affected by excessive sweat and improving the quality of their lives. The International Hyperhidrosis Society is a global network for people suffering from this condition. Sharing problems and success stories is an excellent way to deal with this condition and meet people who empathize with you. The International Hyperhidrosis Society tries to bring patients and doctors together in an area where good ideas will contribute to making things easier for those suffering from excessive sweat.

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Write Clinical Differential Monitoring Information Introduction of Medicine of Processing of Workup International hyperhidrosis society Various Bibliography


The laboratory Studies:


* The Search for primary causes if hyperhidrosis generalized is noted.


* The Important studies of the laboratory can include the Following thing:


The tests of the function of the Thyroid OR can reveal the hipertiroidismo or thyrotoxicosis fundamental.


The levels of the glucose of the Blood OR can reveal the diabetes mellitus or hypoglycemia.


Or catecholamines Urinary can reveal a pheochromocytoma possible.


Or the levels acid Uricos can reveal drop.


Or A by-product purified of the protein (PPD) the test can be carried out to investigate for the tuberculosis.


Imagining the Studies:


* X-ray of Chest can be utilized to exclude tuberculosis or a cause of neoplastic.


The Conclusions of Histologic: The individuals with hyperhidrosis have glands morphologically and functional normal of eccrine. Hyperhidrosis located can result of a number and/or the abnormal distribution of glands of another normal way of eccrine. The examples of such conditions include mole of eccrine and hamartoma of angiomatous of eccrine.


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Write Clinical Differential Monitoring Information Introduction International hyperhidrosis society of Medicine of Processing of Workup Various Bibliography


The medical Care: The therapy may be challenging for the patient and the doctor. Both trite medicines and sistémicas have been utilized. Other options of the processing include iontophoresis and toxin toxin injections botulínica.


* Trite Agents include anticholinergics trite, the boric acid, 2-5% of acid solutions tánicos, resorcinol, permanganate of potassium, the formaldehyde (that can cause the sensitizing [Shelley, 1954]), glutaraldehyde, and methenamine. Drysol (20% of hexahydrate of chloride of aluminum in the alcohol anhidro absolute of ethyl is generally the agent more trite cash. Drysol should be applied nocha in the dry skin with or without occlusion until a positive result be obtained, after that the intervals among applications can be extended. To reduce irritation, the remainder of the medicine should be washed when the patient awakes, and the area can be neutralized with the trite application of baking soda (Sato, 1989).


* Agents Sistémicos treated hyperhidrosis includes the medicines of anticholinergic. Anticholinergics just as bromide of propantheline, glycopyrrolate, oxybutynin, and benztropine are troops because the neurotransmitter of preglandular for the secreción of the sweat is acetylcholine (although the innervates nice of nervous system the glands hyperhidrosis treatments of eccrine). The use of anticholinergics can be little attraction because its adverse profile of the effect includes mydriasis, the indistinct vision, drought mouth and eyes, the difficulty with the urination, and with the constipation. Besides, other medicines sistémicas, just as sedantes and soothing, indomethacin, and calcium channel blockers, they can be beneficial in the processing of hyperhidrosis of palmoplantar.


* Iontophoresis was introduced in 1952 and consists of the step of a direct current through the skin (Bouman, 1952). The mechanism of the action remains under the debate. In the hyperhidrosis of palmoplantar, the daily processing of each palm or the sole for 30 minutes in 15-20 mA with water iontophoresis current is cash (Sato, 1991). The intact skin can endure 0.2-mA/cm2 the galvanic current without negative consequences, and so much as 20-25 mA by palm can be tolerated (Sato, 1991). Numerous agents have been utilized to induce hypohidrosis, inclusive running water and anticholinergics; nevertheless, the processing with iontophoresis International hyperhidrosis society of anticholinergic is more effective than water iontophoresis current (Abell, 1974).


* Toxin toxin Injections botulínica are cash on account of their effects of anticholinergic in the junction of neuromuscular and in the postganglionic nice nerves of cholinergic in the glands hyperhidrosis treatments.


Or In the hyperhidrosis of palm grove, 50 injections of subepidermal of 2 units of mouse by palm (totals 100 units of mouse by palm) has as a result to last of anhydrosis 4-12 months (Shelley, 1998). Each injection produces an area of anhydrosis approximately 1,2 cm of diameter. The adverse only effect is the temperate transitory weakness of thumb that is resolved in 3 weeks.


Or In a similar study, the sodium chloride solution injections effects in a palm were compared with toxin toxin injections botulínica in the other palm (Schnider, 1997). The processing with 120 toxin toxin mouse units botulínica (injected in 6 places in the palm) had as a result a 26% of reduction in the production of the sweat after 3 and 8 weeks and a 31% of reduction after 13 weeks. The adverse effects noted included the secondary weakness of muscle in the places of toxin-treated, that was resolved after 2-5 weeks. The toxin toxin injections botulínica should be repeated in varying intervals to maintain the long-term results.


The surgical Care: Besides the therapy of pharmacologic, other processing include sympathectomy surgical, the surgical eradication of the areas affected, and of subcutaneous liposuction. Each modality has been utilized really.


Hyperhidrosis of palm grove is a benign functional disorder that is a social and psychological disadvantage (Kumagai, 2005). An inspection showed thoracoscopic sympathectomy to be most minimum invasive and for improve the quality of patient of the life, even if hyperhidrosis compensatory occur.


* Sympathectomy has been utilized as a permanent effective processing since 1920. Generally, it is reserved for the final option of the processing (Kotzareff, 1920). Sympathectomy implies the surgical destruction of the ganglions responsible for hyperhidrosis.


Or The second one (T2) and the third (T3) ganglions torácicos are responsible for hyperhidrosis of palm grove, the fourth one (T4) ganglions torácicos control hyperhidrosis of axillary, and the first one (T1) ganglions torácicos control hyperhidrosis facial.


Or Two surgical foci are available: an open focus and a newer endoscopic focus. Recently, the endoscopic focus has arrived at to be favored on account of its improvements in terms of complications, of the surgical scars, and of surgical times. Sympathectomy torácico endoscopic is an effective processing for the hyperhidrosis; in a study, the immediate positive results occurred in 832 (98%) of 850 patients (Drott, 1995). After a medium monitoring of 31 months, the symptoms occurred again in 17 patients. The quality improved of the life has been described for the hyperhidrosis upper of member after the processing with the nice block, torácico, endoscopic and limited in T4 (Panhofer, 2006).


Or Numerous complications are associates with this endoscopic option of the processing; these include to sweat compensatory (the induction to sweat in areas previously done not affect of the body), to sweat taste, pneumothorax, intercostal International hyperhidrosis society neuralgia, syndrome of Horner, the reaparición of hyperhidrosis, and of the sequelae of the use of the general anesthesia.


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