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Hyperhidrosis symptoms


There are several hyperhidrosis symptom types that may manifest themselves. Excessive sweating in a certain part of the body is the major hyperhidrosis symptom. Night sweating and hot flashes may also be associated with this condition. Determining the level of sweating can usually be done through comparison with coworkers or family members. Hyperhidrosis symptom types differ from one area of the body to the other, but, in general, they are materialized in an excessive sweat production that is discomforting.

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The fund: Hyperhidrosis, that sweats that required for the thermoregulation normal, is a condition that begins generally in hyperhidrosis symptom or childhood or the adolescence. Although any place in the body can be affected, the places the majority of the commonly affected is the palms, the soles, and axillae. This condition can be idiopathic or secondary to other illnesses, to the metabolic disorders, to the feverish illnesses, or to the use of the medicine. Hyperhidrosis exists in 3 forms: induced emotionally (in which affects the palms, the soles, and axillae), located, or generalized. The condition often causes great emotional grief and the professional incapacity for the patient, in spite of the form.


Pathophysiology: Hyperhidrosis generalized can be the consequence of dysregulation autonomous, or can develop secondary to a metabolic disorder, to the feverish illness, or to the malignancy. In its form located, hyperhidrosis can result of an interruption followed by abnormal regeneration of nice nerves or an abnormality located in the number or the distribution of the glands of eccrine, or can be associated with another (generally vascular) the abnormalities.


Hyperhidrosis essential, a disorder of the glands hyperhidrosis treatments of eccrine, is associated with the nice hypercritical (to Go, 2005). Does not it appear to be a disorder generalized that implies endothelium vascular.


The frequency:


* In the US : In hyperhidrosis symptom adolescents and adult youths, an incident of 0.6-1.0% is reported (Adar, 1977).


* Internationally: Hyperhidrosis of Palmoplantar occurs 20 times more frequently in the Japanese that in any another ethnic group (Cloward, 1957; Cloward, 1969).


The mortality/morbosidad:


* Hyperhidrosis is not associated with the mortality.


* The Severe cases of hyperhidrosis can affect adversly the quality of patient of the life (sees the Complications).


The career: All careers can be affected; nevertheless, Japanese is affected supposedly more than 20 times more frequently that other ethnic groups (Cloward, 1957; Cloward, 1969).


The sex: Both sexes can be affected for hyperhidrosis.


The age:


* People of all ages can be affected for hyperhidrosis.


* Hyperhidrosis Located, as opposed to hyperhidrosis generalized, begins generally in the childhood or the adolescence. In a study of 850 patients with palm grove, with axillary, or with hyperhidrosis facial, 62% of patients reported that to sweat began since before they would be able to recall; 33%, since the pubertad; and 5%, during the adult age hyperhidrosis symptom (Drott, 1995).




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The history: Hyperhidrosis essential is a neurological and dermatological disorder characterized by sweating excessive of the glands hyperhidrosis treatments of eccrine (Saglam et to the, 2006).


* Patient they note to sweat excessive in areas affected, that ultimately incites them to seek the medical attention.


* Hyperhidrosis of Palmoplantar (to sweat excessive of the palms and soles) is observed in people with the chronic alcoholism (Tugnoli, 1999).


* Hyperhidrosis Located, as opposed to hyperhidrosis generalized, begins generally in the childhood or the adolescence.


* Hyperhidrosis that begins then in life should incite a search for secondary causes the illnesses just as sistémicas, the adverse effects of the use of the medicine, or of the metabolic disorders.


* Syndrome of Harlequin is characterized for hyperhidrosis and to clean unilateral, predominantly induced by the heat or the exercise (Moon, 2005). The nice deficit they are limited generally to the face.


* A study of echo-Doppler found damaged left ventricular filling patients with hyperhidrosis essential, that is associated with cardiac autonomous dysfunction because nice fibers to glands of eccrine of the palms of the hand arises of ganglions crashed and upper torácicos, that hyperhidrosis symptom also innervate the heart (Saglam, 2006). This study indicated that hypercritical of the nice nervous system in patients with hyperhidrosis can alter the long-term cardiac function.




* The Visible signs of hyperhidrosis are clearly evident.


* If it directs mental image of the areas affected is desired, the test of the starch of the iodine can be utilized.


Or that This test requires to sprinkle of the area affected with a mixture of 0.5-1 G of crystals of iodine and 500 G of the soluble starch.


The Areas OR that produce the sweat they will rotate black.


The causes: Hyperhidrosis can be idiopathic or secondary to other illnesses, to the metabolic disorders, to the feverish illnesses, or to the use of the medicine.


* Hyperhidrosis Generalized can be secondary to numerous conditions inclusive the Following thing:


Or Neurological or illnesses of neoplastic


Or the Metabolic disorders or processes (p.and., thyrotoxicosis, mellitus of diabetes, the hypoglycemia, drop, pheochromocytoma, the menopause)


Or the Feverish illnesses


the Use OR of medicines (p.and., propranolol, physostigmine, hyperhidrosis symptom pilocarpine, antidepressants of tricyclic, venlafaxine)


Or the Chronic alcoholism


the illness of Hodgkin OR or the tuberculosis (in the hyperhidrosis nocturnal)


* Hyperhidrosis Located can be induced affects generally and emotionally the palms, the soles, and/or axillae. To sweat in the remainder of the body, sweating in the palms and soles is controlled only by the cerebral cortex and is sensitive to emotional stimuli before that to stimuli of temperature (Sato, 1989). Both emotional and the stimuli of thermoregulatory control to sweat in the axillae; therefore, hyperhidrosis of palmoplantar, as opposed to hyperhidrosis generalized, does not occur during the dream neither the sedation.



* Hyperhidrosis Located can be associated also with the Following thing:


Or the Taste stimuli (associated with syndrome of Frey, with the encephalitis, with syringomyelia, with neuropathy of diabetic, with parotitis of zoster of herpes, and with abscess of parotid)


mole of Eccrine OR


hamartoma of angiomatous of Eccrine OR


Or lunar Blue of rubber-bleb


tumor of Glomus OR


Or Peripheral neuropathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy, the disorder of plasma-proliferative of monoclonal, and the skin they change (the POEMS) syndrome


Or Burning hyperhidrosis symptom syndrome of feet


Pachydermoperiostosis OR


myxedema of Pretibial OR


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