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Hyperhidrosis support groups


Dealing with excessive sweat may have negative effects on the psychological side of the patient. Hyperhidrosis is primarily a socially disturbing condition and it is not considered a dangerous condition from a strict medical point of view. Hyperhidrosis support groups are a great way to meet people that share your problems and empathize with you. Forums and excessive sweat organizations also offer an excellent hyperhidrosis support.

The bromide of Propantheline is an agent of antimuscarinic utilized for the excessive processing to sweat (hyperhidrosis), the cramps or the spasms of the stomach, the intestines (internal) or the vesícula and the involuntary urination (enuresis). He can be utilized also to control the hyperhidrosis support groups symptoms of irritable syndrome of intestines and similar conditions. An agent of anticholinergic is a member of a class of the pharmaceutical precincts that serve to reduce the effects the middle by acetylcholine in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.


Anticholinergics is inhibiting competitive typically reversibles of one of the two types of receivers of acetylcholine, and is classified according to the receivers that are affected: agents of antimuscarinic operate in the receivers of acetylcholine of muscarinic, and agents of antinicotinic operate in the nicotinic receivers of acetylcholine. The majority of anticholinergics is antimuscarinics.


medical excessive sweat treatments the Effects


When a significant quantity of anticholinergic is taken in the body, a toxidrome syndrome as sharp acquaintance of anticholinergic can result. This can happen accidentally or intentionally as a form of the recreational use of the drug. This class of the drug is respected generally it less "amusing" by experienced addicts, possibly due to the lack of the elation caused by anticholinergics. Because the majority of the users do not they enjoy the experience, they do not utilize it again, neither very rarely. The risk of the vice is low in the class of anticholinergic. The effects generally more are pronounced in the older people, due to the decrease of the production of acetylcholine they associated with the age.


The possible effects of anticholinergics include:


* The Ataxy; the loss of coordination

* The production hyperhidrosis support groups Diminished of mucus in the nose and the throat; consequent throat, drought and adolorida

* Xerostomia or drought mouth

* The Unemployment of sweat; the thermal dissipation, enlarged and consequent by the skin that carries to red and hot skin

* Corporal Temperature Enlarged

* The enlargement of Student (mydriasis); the consequent sensibility to the brilliant light (photophobia)

* The Loss of the lodging (the loss to focus the ability, the vision clouded — cycloplegia)

* The diplopía (diplopia)

* Rhythm of the heart Enlarged (the taquicardia)

* The Urinary retention

* Evacuation Diminished, at times ileus

* The pressure Enlarged of intraocular, dangerous for people with glaucoma of narrow-angle


The possible effects in the central nervous system seem those associates hyperhidrosis support groups with the delirium, and they can include:


* The Confusion

* The Confusion

* The Agitation

* The Respiratory depression

* The short-term loss of the memory

* The Incapacity to concentrate

* Wandering the thoughts; the incapacity to maintain a train of thought

* Incoherent Speech

* To Give a tug Alerts of myoclonic

* The Exceptional sensibility to sudden sounds

* The Illogical thought

* Photophobia

* Visual Disturbances

Or the Periodic sparkles of the light

Or Newspaper changes in the country visual

Or the Visual snow

Or it Restricted or the "vision of tunnel"

* Visual, auditory, or other hallucinations sensorias

Or that Alabéa or ripples of surfaces and edges

Or with texture arises

the "Dance" OR lines; "spiders", the insects

Or that seems alive is opposed indistinguishable of the reality

* Rarely: the attacks, the comma and the death


Sharp syndrome of anticholinergic is completely reversible and drop once all the toxin has been excreted. Commonly, hyperhidrosis support groups no specific processing is indicated. Nevertheless, as a last resort, especially those that implies the severe deformations of the mental state, an agent reversible of cholinergic just as physostigmine can be utilized.


medical excessive sweat treatments sourcesBenztropine of Plant (Cogentin®) is a drug of anticholinergic mainly utilized for the processing of:


* Parkinsonism of Drug-Induced, akathisia and dystonia sharp;

* The illness of Parkinson; and

* Idiopathic or dystonia secondary.


medical excessive sweat treatments the Indications


It is utilized in patients with the schizophrenia to reduce the effects of the side of the processing of antipsychotic, just as parkinsonism and akathisia.


Benztropine is also a drug of second-line for the processing of the illness of the paralysis agitante. Improves trembling but not inflexibility neither bradykinesia.


Benztropine is also utilized at times for the processing of dystonia, a rare disorder that causes the abnormal contraction of muscle, having as a result to twist the positions of members, of the trunk, or of the face.


medical excessive sweat treatments the effects of the Side


These they are mainly anticholinergic:


* Drought mouth

* The vision Clouded

* The Cognitive changes

* The Constipation

* The Urinary retention

* The Taquicardia

* The Anorexia

* Psychosis (generally in sobredosis)



The most common plants containing the alkaloids of anticholinergic are:


* Nightshade of Atropa (nightshade)

* Officinarum of hyperhidrosis support groups Mandragora (Mandrake)

* Hyoscamus Niger (Henbane)

* The species of Datura (Datura)



Propantheline is one of a group of the antispasmodic medicines that work blocking the action of acetylcholine, that is produced by neurons, in the body. It acts on receivers of muscarinic that are presents in the smooth muscle in places such as the intestine, the vesícula and the eye. This muscle is not under the voluntary control. When did it activate for acetylcholine, the receivers of muscarinic cause that the smooth hyperhidrosis support groups muscle hire.


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