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Hyperhidrosis forum


The main goal of a hyperhidrosis forum is to facilitate communication between people with the same condition. Several perspectives on the same problem - excessive sweat - can lead to a better understanding of this condition and possibly to finding some success stories that you can try out. Many join such forums looking for someone to discuss their condition with, often under a nickname that grants them anonymity. Both patients and doctors may be found on a hyperhidrosis forum and it is not uncommon for some patients to share their success in treating excessive sweat problems.

Citing the aforesaid, swedish, and National Board of the statement of the Health and the Welfare: "The method can give the permanent effects of the side that at times will come be first obvious after some time hyperhidrosis forum . One of the sideways effects perhaps be enlarged sweat in different places in its body. Why and how this happens is still unknown. According to the available investigation about 25-75% of all patients can expect sweat more or less serious in different places in its body, just as the area of trunk and groin. Nevertheless, it is mentioned also in the investigation that 0-10% of griefs that have the done surgery for this reason. Other effects documented of the side are the incapacity to raise the rhythm of the heart upon working was physically. This has carried at times to the ability diminished to carry out its work and the daily activities. Some patients complained also of cannot control its corporal temperature and is experienced like very uncomfortable".. Sweating (called also sweat or at times transpiration) is the production and the evaporation of a liquid, consisting mainly of water as well as a smaller quantity of chloride of sodium (the main component of "salt of table"), that is excreted for the glands hyperhidrosis treatments in the skin of mammals. Sweat contain also the chemical substances or odorants of 2 methylphenol (OR-cresol) and of 4 methylphenol (P-cresol).


In humans, sweating is mainly a media of the regulation of the temperature, hyperhidrosis forum although have been proposed that the components of the male sweat can act as the indications of pheromonal [1]. The evaporation of the sweat of the surface of skin has a cooling carries out due to the latent heat of the evaporation of water. From there, in the hot time, or when the muscles of individual heat due to the effort, more sweat is produced. Sweating is enlarged for the agitation and the nausea and diminished by the cold. The animals with few glands hyperhidrosis treatments, just as dogs, they reach the similar results of the regulation of the temperature panting, that evaporates water of the humid forum of the cavity and the oral pharynx. The primates and the horses have armpits that sweat similar to humans.

The doctor and the German poet Justinus Kerner called toxin botulínica "poison of sausage" of toxin, or "pathogenic Canadian of bacon" as this bacteria often you cause that they poison growing in products badly handled or prepared of meat. The it conceived first a possible therapeutic use of toxin of toxin botulínica. In 1870, the Wheel of mill (another German doctor) minted the botulism of the name, of the botulus latin american = "sausage". In 1895, small Truck of Emile Ermengem isolated first the toxin botulínica of the bacteria Clostridium. In 1944, Eduardo Schantz cultivated toxin botulínica of Clostridium and isolated the toxin, and, in 1949, the group of Burgen discovered that that toxin of toxin botulínica blocks the broadcast of neuromuscular.


For 1973, Alan B Scott, MD, of the Institute of Smith-Kettlewell utilized toxin of toxin botulínica types A (BTX-A) in experiments of monkey, and, in 1980, he utilized officially BTX-A for the first time in humans to treat the strabismus. In December 1989, BTX-A (BOTOX) he was approved by the Administration of Food and Drug of US (FDA) for the processing of the strabismus, of blepharospasm, and of the spasm of hemifacial in patients on 12-year-old. The cosmetic effect of BTX-A was described initially by the Carruthers, a husband of dermatologist/ophthalmologist and team of wife that work in Vancouver, Canada hyperhidrosis forum , although the effect to have been observed by various independent groups. In April 15, 2002 , the FDA announced that the toxin toxin approval botulínica types A (Cosmetic of BOTOX) to improve temporarily the appearance of moderate to severe lines of frown among the eyebrows (glabellar lines). BTX-A has been approved also for the excessive processing to sweat of armpit. The acceptance of the use of BTX-A for the processing of disorders of spasticity and pain of muscles grows, with pending approvals in many countries and European studies in headaches (inclusive migraine), the symptoms of prostatic, the asthma, the obesity and many other possible indications are progressive. BOTOX-AN is manufactured and is sold throughout the world by Allergan INC.


Botox is manufactured for Allergan INC. (U. S) for both therapeutic use as well as cosmetic. The formulation is stored better in the cold temperature of 2-8 degrees centigrade. Dysport is a therapeutic formulation of the type that A toxin developed and manufactured in the RU and that is licenced for the processing of dystonias focal and certain uses of cosmetic in many world of wide territories.


The toxin botulínica of type Toxin B (BTX-B) received the approval of FDA for the processing of dystonia cervical in December 21, 2000 . The commerce calls for BTX-B they are Myobloc in the United States , and in Neurobloc® in the European Union.


medical excessive sweat treatments the Medical uses


The investigators discovered in the fifties that injecting hyperactive muscles with toxin toxin minute quantities botulínica types AN activity diminished of muscle blocking the liberation of acetylcholine in the junction of neuromuscular, with which yielding the incapable muscle of hiring for a period from 4 to 6 months.


Alan Scott, an ophthalmologist of San Francisco , first tiny dose applied of the toxin in a medicinal sense to treat eyes crusaders and to blink uncontrollable, but needed an associate to gain the regulatory approval for sell its discovery as a drug. Allergan, INC., a pharmaceutical company that focused in prescription eye therapies and products of contact lens, bought the rights to the drug in 1988 and the approval received of FDA in 1989. Allergan regrouped the drug Botox.


The cosmetically desirable effects of Botox were discovered quickly later when the lines of the frown among hyperhidrosis forum the eyebrows were observed to soften the following processing for eye muscle disorders, carrying to clinical trials and subsequent approval of FDA for the cosmetic use in April of 2002. To the 2006, injection of Botox is the operation most common cosmetics in the United States .


Aside from its application cosmetics, Botox is utilized in the processing of


* the headaches of migraine

* dystonia cervical (a disorder of neuromuscular that implies the head and the neck)

* blepharospasm (the involuntary contraction of the muscles of eye)

* hyperhidrosis primary severe of axillary (to sweat excessive)



The effects of the side can be predicted of the way of the action (the paralysis of muscle) and the chemical structure (the protein) of the molecule, resulting speaking widely in two greater areas of sideways effects: the paralysis of the wrong group of muscle and allergic reaction. Bruising in the place of injection is not an effect of the side of the toxin, but of the way of the administration. In the cosmetic use, this signifies that the client will complain of the inadequate facial expression just as being inclined eyelid, the uneven smile, the loss of the ability of closing the eye. This it will be removed in about 6 weeks. Bruising is prevented for the clinical one exercises pressure to the place of the injection, but can occur still, and to last around 7 - 10 days. Upon injecting the muscle of masseter of the jaw, the loss of the function of muscle will hyperhidrosis forum have as a result a loss or the reduction of the solid power of chewing food. All cosmetic processing are of the duration limited, and they can be like briefly a period as six weeks, but generally one keeps in mind an effective period from among 3 and 6 months. In the dose very drops utilized with medical end, toxin of toxin botulínica has a very low degree of the toxicity.

medical excessive sweat treatments glands hyperhidrosis treatments


There are two classes of glands hyperhidrosis treatments that differ a lot in the composition of the sweat and their purpose:


* Glands hyperhidrosis treatments of Eccrine are distributed on the entire surface of the body but they are especially abundant in the palms of hands, the soles of feet, and in the front. These they produce the sweat that is composed mainly of water with several you leave. These glands are utilized for the regulation of corporal temperature.

* Glands hyperhidrosis treatments of Apocrine produce the sweat that contains the fatty matters. These glands are presents mainly in the armpits and around the genital area and its activity is the main cause of the smell of the sweat, due to the bacteria that broken the organic compounds in the sweat of these glands.



There is a lot of disagreement among ET surgeons about the surgical better method, the location of opitimal for the destruction of nerve, and as for the nature and the extension of the consequent primary effects of effects and side. The internet now represents many websites they run hyperhidrosis forum for surgeons that praise the benefits of ET supported by happy token patient. Nevertheless, there are also many websites run for incapacitated ET victims that complain of complications and severe lack of the adequate consent reported. Various forums in line of the discussion are dedicated to the subject of ET the surgery, where both positive and token patient negative abounds.


In 2003, ET was prohibited in its place of birth, Sweden ,


Hyperhidrosis forum quick tip

"Forums are among teh best places to trade experiences and tips regarding excessive sweat."
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