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Hyperhidrosis clinic


When looking for a good hyperhidrosis clinic, location and facilities should be your main concerns. Find a clinic that offers a reputable excessive sweat treatment background and make sure they are not focused on a single treatment technique. Different patients respond in various ways to sweat treatments - make sure there is a wide range of alternatives to choose from when selecting your hyperhidrosis clinic.

Treatment methods for excessive sweat

One other vital piece of information you should get regarding the hyperhidrosis clinic you want to choose is the range of treatments that they offer for excessive sweat. If you are already seeing a doctor, make sure to ask for his or her advice before you choose the clinic where you will treat your excessive sweating.

Sweating, as all we know, we find hyperhidrosis clinic a natural and healthy process that our bodies experience. Sweating is necessary for the control and the conservation of our corporal temperature and the skin. This sweat or the sweat they are a secreción of liquids did in its greater part of water. The sweat is regulated by a part of our nervous system "automatic" or vegetativo of bodie that is known also as the Nice nervous System (the party "automated" of the human body). Unfortunately for approximately 1% of the people of Land or sixty million individuals wide world, the Nice nervous System works extraordinary hours, cause hyperhidrosis or more called commonly to sweat excessive. Hyperhidrosis is the to sweat excessive of an individual, in spite of the temperature or at times context, nevertheless, hyperhidrosis can be set apart during the high-emphasis or situations risked.


Sweating or hyperhidrosis excessive they can occur in the hands or palms (hyperhidrosis of palm grove), in the area of armpit (hyperhidrosis of axillary), or in the feet (LTD of the plant or to sweat excessive). Nobody really understands completely hyperhidrosis or he can locate with every precision the exact cause (the causes) of be often times heavy and unnecessary sweat in specific people. Nevertheless, he is known extensively that to sweat he is directed for the find hyperhidrosis clinic Nice nervous System previously mentioned. This private system of nerves runs in a very high level of the activity for people with sweating excessive that causes the emphasis and often times socially disabilitating the situations in the professional and ordinary life. In this situation of excessive sweat, the nice nervous system operates in levels more high distant than is desired or is required to maintain a comfortable corporal temperature and healthy. Hyperhidrosis is the general, the medical term and scientist for this condition of excessive sweat in medical circles.




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2: Sweat the Central Control, The Nice nervous System: The details, the Context and the Explanation of the SMS


Our bodies contain two networks or the different systems from nerves.


1. The system nervous hyperhidrosis forums is the system of voluntary nerves (nerves we for the the majority of the parts, we have the control on) that gives we feeling us and the sensation (the pain, the heat, and the sound) as well as the control of many muscles that permit we to move the different parts from our body as we desire, indirectly us causing that sweating or to perspire for excercise. Nevertheless, this nervous system is not by no means to put in correlation to sweat or hyperhidrosis excessive.


2. The second network of nerves, the autonomous nervous system, by contrast, is the involuntary nervous system. These are the nerves on that are in the "pilot automatic" or that we have no true control. Many of the functions of the body happen without our conscious control just as the rate in which we breathe, the beating of the heart, and of the production of the sweat, that is of course member or important for regular corporal temperature. The autonomous nervous system is done of two systems of nerves he himself: the nice one and the parasympathetic systems. It is this nice nervous system (that is a part of the autonomous nervous system) that controls the sweat through all our find hyperhidrosis clinic bodies and can cause that some of us we sweat excessively. He is this same nervous system (SMS) that causes that 1% of the population of world sweat excessively, a condition called hyperhidrosis.


At present, there is still to create progressive, medical and scientist of investigation more knowledge to cure this abnormality (excessive-sweat). Nevertheless, hyperhidrosis or to sweat heavy they are still really quite common and they are not known exactly what private defect happens that has as a result to sweat excessive. Or could be the envelope the activity of the nice nervous chain, the glands hyperhidrosis treatments itself or some another cause of unforseen are but to be discovered or to be determined on.




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3: The short Definitions that Belong to Hyperhidrosis or to Sweat Excessive




1. First, Primary or the Essential Cause that Originates: It called also the Idiopathic (the Unknown Cause of Hyperhidrosis)


2. Secondary (the Known Cause to Sweat Excessive)




A. Axillary Hyperhidrosis (armpits)

B. Hyperhidrosis facial (the face)

C. Hyperhidrosis general (through the surface of the body)

D. Obvious Hyperhidrosis (hands)

E. Hyperhidrosis of the find hyperhidrosis clinic plant (feet)

F. Truncal Hyperhidrosis (the body without the head or member)

G. Another occurences related



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Primary/the Essential Cause of Hyperhidrosis


1. Hyperhidrosis without the origin tested (hyperhidrosis primary or essential) is an a lot more condition often occurring that hyperhidrosis secondary. Hyperhidrosis primary appears, for the majority of the circumstances, for to be located in one or in some few locations in the body (most often hands, the feet, armpits or a combination from of the same one). This form of hyperhidrosis begins generally during childhood or early adolescence and continues for the remainder of its lives. The agitation, the emphasis and the anxiety all can remove or can aggravate to sweat, by psychological that or the situations or the psychiatric conditions be only very rarely the cause of hyperhidrosis or to sweat excessive.



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The secondary Cause of Hyperhidrosis


2. The secondary causes of hyperhidrosis, to sweat excessive or abundant sweat as a part of a latent condition (to be superfluous: Hyperhidrosis secondary) yet completely is not figured or completely known. Nevertheless, other situations or the conditions in our bodies are able often times, they enlarge and they facilitate to sweat excessive, generally implying in their greater part the entire body:


* The Hipertiroidismo and/or as illnesses of endocrine

* The therapy of Endocrine in the relation to the cancer of the prostatic or you form similar of the harmful illness

* The conditions or the Sharp psychiatric disorders

* Corpulance or the Obesity

* The Menopause and the Symptoms Related to the Menopause


In the hyperhidrosis secondary, the fundamental condition should be treated first generally. The women that utilize the hormonal therapy for the cancer of prostatic (the castration, LHRH-analoges) can be struck with disturbing and attack deeply uncomfortable of sweat find hyperhidrosis clinic . Nevertheless, these patients can obtain the relief by the application or the processing that utilize antiestrogens (acetato of ciproterone) for their hyperhidrosis.



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The excessive Locations that Sweat



A. The armpit, Armpit or Axillary Hyperhidrosis


Hyperhidrosis or to sweat excessive of the armpits and the region hyperhidrosis statistics may be shaming enough. This area to sweat, the region hyperhidrosis statistics of the body, may be bothering also because often causes the large marks wet that have as a result at times a white halo or forms to circulate of salt to sweat in the shirts or blouses of the individual.


B. Hyperhidrosis facial


Pouring heavy of sweat of the top of head or front in the cicumstance of the emphasis is able often times worry very and difficult. This patient excessively sweating perhaps be chirped that the other they can consider he/its nervous and insecure, or incapable of carrying out surely.


C. Other locations or General


Less frequently, it is located only in the trunk and/or the thighs. At times people suffer from large quantities and to sweat unnecessary in the most of the face he find hyperhidrosis clinic himself.


D. Sweaty or Obvious palms Hyperhidrosis


Sweating heavy of the hands or "sweaty palms" is often times reported by people of being the the majority of the to bother and the the majority of the to emphasize and to sweat socially difficult the condition. In the majority of the companies, the hands more are exposed and they are utilized in social, private and the activities of the work that all the other parts or the areas of our bodies, especially in terms of the physical contact. Many individuals with sweaty palms are limited in elections for the work. You be often times, the career-killing, excessive-sweat the disadvantage does them not capable to utilize the sensitive matters to the humidity just as role. The people with hyperhidrosis of palm grove think also two times about greeting and some individuals can take it to the extreme where they timid far from social every contact on account of the excessive sweat. The level or the quantity to sweat they vary and they can travel through of the humidity moderate to drip (to sweat heavy and excessive). A good portion of individuals with hyperhidrosis of palm grove realizes that the hands do not only feel wet, but also cold and humid of the sweat.

E. Too much to Sweat of the Feet or Hyperhidrosis of the plant


Too much to sweat of the feet can be hidden. Nevertheless, standing excessive sweat can carry to smells and to ruin of shoes, find hyperhidrosis clinic that, after a while, can be quite costly. The individuals with hyperhidrosis combined of the palms and to sweat excessive of the soles they have a good opportunity to improve the to sweat of feet after an operation (nevertheless the effects of the side appear on this operation) that the objectives for suppress to sweat of the hands and the feet. The excessive sweat antiperspirants of MegaDry never would recommend such operation and would advise that every surgery is evaluated as only a last case for any excessive class to sweat. Hyperhidrosis of the remote plant is able, nevertheless, only is cured at times by Sympathectomy Lumbar, an open abdominal procedure with many complications for the long-term one.


F. Truncal Hyperhidrosis


Diffuse hyperhidrosis or to sweat scattered of excess of the trunk (thighs and descend waist area) or to sweat heavy general of the lowest portion under the abdomen and over the knees, cannot be tried by the surgery on account of the extensive nature of that surgery. The possible risks and the scale of the surgery weigh more than some possible reduction in sweating excessive.


G. Another Occurences or the Areas Related of Hyperhidrosis


* Many victims of hyperhidrosis treat with the combination of some type of the over excessive forms to sweat.

* To Sweat Excessive can appear instantly and without the warning or is produced more continuously on a certain period of time.

* Hyperhidrosis can be removed for exterior, hot, and high temperatures, the emotional emphasis, the physical activity or to sweat excessive can appear at times without some obvious reason, thus disconcerting and to bother the individual.

* Generally, hyperhidrosis gets worse during the summer or tepid seasons and improves during winter, but not necessarily. Many individuals have reported the same level to sweat excessive every year, for all temperatures.




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4: The symptoms and the Demonstrations for Hyperhidrosis or to Sweat Excessive


The people with hyperhidrosis have to sweat or excessively abundant sweat that most of the time alters negatively their activities of the everyday life. This to sweat excessive is begun at times by the emphasis, by the emotions, and/or by the effort or the physical exercise. Nevertheless, this to sweat or hyperhidrosis excessive they can find hyperhidrosis clinic occur also suddenly without warning. The people with palm grove (hands and palms) hyperhidrosis has wet, excessively humid hands that often intervene with having articles and to interrupt the activities as the work and the play. Many people with hyperhidrosis of palm grove feel that they are a difficult social problem, because each time they greet or the hug, they leave the other palm of person or they support very humid, which of course is a sensation the majority of the people they find unpleasant. The individuals that are afflicteds with the sweat of hyperhidrosis of axillary unnecessarily often, losing enough liquid of the armpits that causes that they stain their clothes shortly after they dress. This is of course unnatractive and is able often times turn out to be very ugly and prve to be a social disadvantage. Hyperhidrosis of the plant is the excessive sweat of the feet. Hyperhidrosis of the plant of course carries to socks and humid shoes or "flooded" that then carries to the standing smell enlarged and the majority of the smelly important shoes that never can be aired enough was.




the heavy line that sweats

5: Hyperhidrosis or to Sweat Excessive the Processing


The individuals with hyperhidrosis primary or for the symptomatic processing to sweat heavy in people with hyperhidrosis secondary, not treatable in other ways, the following processing have been applied and they have been utilized in many cases. For psychiatric patients with sweating excessive, the find hyperhidrosis clinic successful processing for this symptom often attempts to reduce the circumstance or the causal situation that carries to a tendency toward the emotional grief.


The first processing to sweat excessive is generally doctor in the nature and he does not include the operations necessarily of the hospital. There are ointments and ointments (Excessive sweat antiperspirants of MegaDry) available that are astringents that have an inclination to be dried the glands hyperhidrosis treatments. Another processing is iontopheresis (the electric therapy of the blow). This consists generally in a light processing of the electric stimulus, and is applied commonly to the hands. The patients place the hands in a superficial bath that has an electric current. This processing tends "to daze" the glands hyperhidrosis treatments and can diminish the secreción of the sweat for periods from 6 hours to a week. One of the most recent processing proposed is the toxin toxin injection botulínica (Botox) in the excessive area to sweat. This is a toxin that affects the conclusions of nerve and diminishes the broadcast of the impulses of nerve to the glands hyperhidrosis treatments thus having as a result to sweat diminished. It requires generally several injections in the palms or armpits and remains cash from one to six months. The repeated injections almost are always required to maintain an adequate level of the dryness.


Supplementing the processing recently mentioned for the hyperhidrosis, many medicines have been studied and they have been dealt with greater or smaller success with sweating heavy. These they include both sedantes (in those patients with hyperhidrosis of emphasis-induced) and the medicines that affect the nervous system. The general practitioners, the nurses, or the internal often begin the first phase of the processing of hyperhidrosis. The patients done not affect by réggimenes simple of enough processing often then are indicated a specialist. This find hyperhidrosis clinic specialist then more is not, a dermatologist neither the neurologist. For all cases, the surgery is only an optoin when the medical processing less invasive have had not true neither significant affection to derive hyperhidrosis.


A more it Detailed Guide TO Options of Processing for LTD (Hyperhidrosis)


* Excessive sweat antiperspirants (just as Megadry)

* Light Cramps or Iontophoresis

* Pharmaceutical Products or Drugs

* Botox or Toxin of Toxin botulínica

* The Operations or the Surgery

* The Options Alternatives of the Processing or the Processing "Long of Queue"





The excessive sweat antiperspirants are most of the time, the first protective shield against sweat or hyperhidrosis excessive. The excessive sweat antiperspirants are recommended also by doctors as the first therapeutic measure to sweat, if to sweat normal or excessive. An effective ingredient and often utilized is chloride of alluminum (20-25%), that often is submerged in 70-90% of alcohol, applied in the afternoon subsequent 2 or 3 times a week to affect to sweat during the day and the afternoon. Often times, the medicine of surface to sweat is sufficient in cases with very little to sweat excessive middle but unfortunately has to be repeated regularly and is able often times cause irritation (less in the case of excessive sweat antiperspirants of MegaDry).


The active ingredient in the excessive sweat antiperspirants of MegaDry is chlorohydrate of aluminum, an ingredient approved by the FDA for the sure use and cash in excessive sweat antiperspirants and in the processing of sweat and to sweat excessive, also known as hyperhidrosis. The industry of the excessive sweat antiperspirants often times utilize the over chloride of alluminum, a by-product of hydrochloric acid, that is able and often times, irritates the skin find hyperhidrosis clinic , causing the inconvenience and is able very easily, and often times stain the clothes. The excessive sweat antiperspirants of MegaDry is formulated especially to be peaceful, not-irritating but effective. In fact, a laboratory of FDA-APPROVE tested MegaDry in true people (not animal) and not a single person experienced any irritation neither the inconvenience. Dr. Stoll has been prescribing MegaDry excessive sweat antiperspirants to sweat during the past few years for her patients and not one has returned with any problems with regard to irritation, clothes neither reports stained of any affefcts of the side in all thus far away!




Iontophoresis (the electric processing to sweat excessive) is available to be followed as a processing if the trite solutions such like excessive sweat antiperspirants have does not carry to results troops. This procedure implies light cramps that induce or the low current of the voltaje (fifteen to eighteen mA), creat by a generating D/C. The processing for the hyperhidrosis is administered to the palms and/or soles wet in the liquid of some type of electrolito. This processing has to be carried out often, in certain intervals. At the beginning the excessive processing that sweats is carried find hyperhidrosis clinic out during twenty cases a few times a week. The processing extends gradually the time among processing to one to two weeks.


The effects or the results are different for many patients that suffer from the light or they moderate hyperhiderosis. Some they are satisfied with the method, while other individuals can be felt that they take too much of their schedule, that is inopportune or ineffective, and/or the cost too much. Is often times that a challenge to treat hyperhidrosis of axillary with iontophoresis. Similar, iontophoresis is not available neither cash to utilize in the hyperhidrosis diffuse in the facial area neither the area of thigh neither trunk.


The devices built and they designed for the processing of hyperhidrosis in the house of patient or in the office of doctor, they are bought of pharmacies and in line.




For which we know, there is not at present pharmaceutical products prescribed neither offered on the shelf for the heavy processing to sweat. Nevertheless, psychotropic (in their greater part sedativo) and/or anticholinergic drugs often times are investigated but most often then not, cause too many side-effects that precipitate any possitive and the notable effects of the processing. Therefore, these processing are prescribed rarely or they are recommended as a solution to the hyperhidrosis. In those cases very limited that they have to treat with sweating heavy of the area of thigh and/or trunk (but not the extremities), a small dose of agent of anticholinergic can carry some of the symptoms without causing the inconvenience and the inconvenience sideways effects such as drought mouth, difficulties of accomodation of the eyes, etc. Nevertheless a dose of agent of anticholinergic necessary to diminish the quantity to sweat rarely will be tolerated never by an individual with hyperhidrosis.




Toxins of toxin botulínica are a category of toxins created of a bacteria called Clostridium Toxin botulínica. A poison that is one of the most mortal poisons than exists the man. The Toxin botulínica of Clostridium intervenes with nerves carrying out the transmitting one acethylcholine chemical in the synapse. The synapse they are the point that communicates of a nerve that find hyperhidrosis clinic finishes with another neuron or a muscle. This carries really to the progressive delay of every weaving of muscle in the body, that includes the lungs and other respiratory muscles. For very light quantities, toxin of botulinus or botox have been adopted in cases with hypercritical located of muscle (the spasms of the cover, the torticolis, etc), that has as a result a to diminish to transmit the signs going to the muscle.


The reports of the initial one have been published with regard to the toxin toxin use botulínica to sweat excessive, they called commonly botox. Seems to work sufficiently in hyperhidrosis of axillary, lasting for six to twelve months that depending on the dose (0,5-1,0 Units/cm2;). There are certain objections, one is the heavy costs of this processing that has to be repeated in regular intervals, but the side-effects seem to be somewhat insignificant if the dose they are maintained low.




* Cutting or Leaving from the glands hyperhidrosis treatments of axillary (the glands hyperhidrosis treatments hyperhidrosis statisticses)


The ones that suffer from to sweat excessive of armpit or hyperhidrosis of axillary that are unphased or uneffected by another medical therapy is able at times, as a last resort, is somwhat treated really by the to cut or the eradication of the glands hyperhidrosis treatments of axillary (the glands hyperhidrosis treatments hyperhidrosis statisticses). Nevertheless, if to sweat continues or reaches beyond the find hyperhidrosis clinic hairy portion of the axilla (the region hyperhidrosis statistics), a few incisions of skin can be required, often times, unfortunately, having as a result the creation of scars hipertrópicas and/or restrictive little attractive to the region hyperhidrosis statistics.


The surgical processing risked of hyperhidrosis or sweatingmentioned excessive up, implies to destroy or to remove a private portion of the main nice nerve, which of course, is quite problematic and can carry to many complications. When it noted up, the nice nerves form part of a nervous system separated and parallel. Their anatomical location is separated of the hyperhidrosis forums (voluntary) nerves that control the function of the sensation and the motor. The nice network of the nerve is formed for a plexus of nerves located next to the ribs in the chest, over the abdomen. The thorn number is done of the vérterbra, that is the blocks of bone piled one over other components that want. The branches that form this nice network come from among these specific components and they finish in a mess of cells called a ganglion. There is a ganglion in each vertebral level (in each component) of the thorn number and of all these ganglions are connected it to form lengthwise the nice network of nerves. A nice branch of the then loose nerve each one of these ganglions and the trips was to weaken blood vessels and glands hyperhidrosis treatments in the body. The surgical therapy for the hyperhidrosis brings with himself to remove or to destroy the specific ganglion that causes sweating in the arm and the axillae.


There is a variety of ways to treat with the nice ganglions to sweat excessive, inclusive to remove them, the cauterizando, cutting the branches, and them holding. The different surgeons have been coached in different techniques and all appears to be something cash in a high percentage of cases of hyperhidrosis. None technical specific it has tested to be finally over the other excessive processing that sweat.


Treating hyperhidrosis sweaty of palms or palm grove requires what known as the ganglion T2 for to be removed or some how incapacitated. Many specialists of hyperhidrosis also then will incapacitate or they will remove the third ganglion to enlarge completely the opportunity to prevent completely to sweat excessive of the hands. To treat the armpit nevertheless, the second and third parties ganglions are carried or they are destroyed. Similar find hyperhidrosis clinic , specialists of hyperhidrosis will incapacitate also the fourth ganglion to enlarge once more the opportunities of the complete relief of the sweat hyperhidrosis statistics.


Historically, this procedure for the hyperhidrosis often times requirieron a middle to the large cut calibrated in the chest that requires also muscles that cut and push aside ribs to obtain in the nice chain. Fortunately, the present medical advances in the processing of hyperhidrosis have done the possible for procedures less invasive. This is where sympathectomy torácico, endoscopic and called (ET), also known as sympathectomy of thoracoscopic comes in the portrait. This procedure implies general anesthesia for the patient. Once it put down, a few small (5-10 Mm) incisions are facts under the armpit. By these pits, a telescope is passed that is connected to a videocámara miniature. Thus, the nice chain can be identifying. By the being remained some incisions, the instruments are placed to permit the surgeon for remove or to destroy the specific ganglions as dictated by the symptoms of patient. To carry out this operation, the pulmonary patient should be collapsed for permit the adequate space for the surgeon for maneuver. The following termination of the operation, the re-widens of lung and the incisions are closed. Occasionally a small pipe is left inside the chest to permit the evacuation of air, nevertheless, this is removed generally inside hours of the surgery. With the termination of a side, the specialist then focuses his attention to the other, the side opposed and he carries out an identical procedure, copying the other side.


Most of the time and generally, the patient that treats with hyperhidrosis remains in the hospital by a period of 12-24 hours that continue the operation. The pain posoperativo that continues the operation that will require that the majority of the patients we consume some form of the oral medicine of the pain (pills) by a period of often times between a week and a week and a half that continues the surgery of hyperhidrosis.




* The Natural Therapies or the "Medicine Alternative"


Many patients are disappointed with their processing of hyperhidrosis in the medical industry established, find hyperhidrosis clinic thus they rotate to methods that are out of the main current. These methods include homeopathy, the massage, the drugs of acupuncture and phytotherapeutic, all which the consensus directs us to believe with any measurable improvement.


* The Hypnotism


The rigorous studies in the effects of the Hypnotism are nonexistent. There are very few patients that treat really the hypnotism to sweat excessive, nevertheless those patients that has, returns with the poor results that fight hyperhidrosis of palm grove.

* "Speaking the Therapy" or the Psicoterapia


The Psychological and sociological difficulties are often times more excessive consequence to sweat, not the source of hyperhidrosis. There it is limited has as a result most of the people they tested us psicoterapia. Therefore, "speaking the healings" or psychiatric or the therapy of psychopharmacologic does not find hyperhidrosis clinic improve the conditions for the ones that suffer from to sweat uncomfortable. While it cannot cure this disorder, can help some patients to accept the daily difficulties that live in the world with hyperhidrosis.




the heavy line that sweats

6: The Risks of Surgical Operations to Sweat Excessive Weigh more than the Benefits - The Position of MegaDry


With each form of the surgery and especially to sweat excessive, there are many risks of levels to vary the quantity (the positive side carries out, sees down). The following one is some of these risks: an allergic reaction to agents or anesthetic drugs, the possible infection (the infections) in the place of the operation and an unexpected risks with the time. Because the telescope and the instruments are past among the ribs, they are possible to damage the artery, the vein or the nerve that run under each rib. This would be able to carry potentially to bleed or inflammation of the nerve with irritation or chronic pain. Finally, although the majority of these operations be carried out in occasionally more old patient, adult youths they will experience the procedure. These patients are susceptible to the risks of cardiac problems (the heart attack, the abnormal rhythm), the blow, the pneumonia, clots of blood, and the urinary infections of tract. The incident from any of the over potential complications is very under (1% or less) but such problems can arise with any form of surgery, and the patients should be aware of all the risks by small that.


There are some potential effects of the side of the surgery for the hyperhidrosis. The very common one of these is to sweat compensatory that occurs in up to 50-60% of patients. One should recall that to sweat is a form of regular the heat of the body. If the operation prevents to sweat in the upper chest, the back and the armaments, is possible that patient they will notify that a larger quantity to sweat in another part in their body to compensate for the lack to sweat in the upper extremities. This it is called "to sweat compensatory" and can occur in the face, in the abdomen, in the back, in the buttocks, in the thighs, or in the feet. While this appears to be only a disgust for the majority of the patients, occasionally (5-10% of the time) can be severe and to intervene with the way of life of patient.


A second potential effect of the side is to sweat taste. The patients that develop this note of the problem to sweat enlarged find hyperhidrosis clinic when they eat. This occurs in approximately 5-10% of patients but is rarely severe.


Finally, there is a small but true incident of syndrome of Horner (1%). This occurs when the highest nice ganglion (the first ganglion or ganglion "crashed") is damaged during the operation. When does this occur, the patient notes three conclusions in the side of the face where the ganglion crashed was injured. These they include a light fall in the eyelid, in a small or narrow student, and in the lack to sweat in that side of the face. This excessive syndrome that sweats is at times reversible on a period from weeks to months, but a permanent problem of sweat can result also. Although the incident of this be enough drop (1%), is a potential complication that all patients should be aware. In general terms, except for sweating compensatory, the complications effects incident or side remains to satisfy low.




the heavy line that sweats

7: The probability for the Exito with the Surgery for Hyperhidrosis


The opportunities to achieve a goals of patient to treat his to sweat varies with the excessive particular kind to sweat that that patient of particualr suffers from. That is to say, the anatomical location of the to sweat excessive is a determinant factor in the success of the processing. The Surgery Excessive sweat treatment find hyperhidrosis clinic endoscopic (ET) will stop about 95-98% of excessive hand (obvious) hyperhidrosis and approximately 75-80% of armpit (axillary) hyperhidrosis. Approximately a room of those patients that experience the surgery for its hyperhidrosis of the feet (of the plant) will note some liberation of its problems that sweat, nevertheless, the operation really is not signified to treat this form of particulor of the disorder that sweats and should not be utilized mainly, but only as a last resort, especially if this is the only complaint.


Although ET be as a group an insurance and a method something extremely cash of the processing for the syndrome of hyperhidrosis or to sweat excessive, should be realized also that remains a surgical procedure with the inherent risks described up. Just like with the majority of the disorders, not invasive medical forms of the therapy or excessive sweat antiperspirants sure should be treaties before the surgery, that should be the last option and rarely applied. It is only when these result you failed or little practical for the long-term use to treat to sweat excessive that a surgical procedure should be contemplated. Once the decision to continue the surgery is done, the patients would be served better seeking a board surgeon torácico experienced certificate in carrying out the surgery excessive sweat treatment video-helped (VAT) of another way known as thoracoscopy to alter the heavy sweat.


* Sympathectomy (Another Surgery for Excessive-Sweat)


The purpose to have a sympathectomy is to interrupt, to derive or to cut the traces of nerve and nodes (ganglions) that communicates or sends the signs that causes sweating to the glands hyperhidrosis treatments. Interrupting this sign of the nerves, prevents the glands of sweating excessively. Simply, this can be achieved for all locations and parts in their body, nevertheless, is not recommended for certain parts due to the efficacy of the surgery, the side carries out and the fact that only the nodes of nerve responsible for the glands hyperhidrosis treatments of the palms and the face they are easily accessible. The remainder of the nodes of associated nerve with other forms of hypherhidrosis is not reached easily without the requirement of a complex, greater, and surgical procedure.


Recently, the processing of the election apparently for many of us that we suffer from moderate to the hyperhidrosis severe of the palm grove (sweaty hands), to sweat facial excessive and also axillary (to sweat excessive of armpit), especially if combined with sweating of palm grove, includes a surgical procedure defined in the country of health care Sympathectomy Torácico as Endoscopic or ET. This lightly-invasive endoscopic technique was developed in recent times in a few centers of health care in Europe , superseeding Sympathectomy Torácico Conventional, that is an operation very traumática that was carried out before ET was developed. The endoscopic technique is somewhat sure, if carried out by a very experienced surgeon with skill in this private type of the procedure (ET) to sweat excessive. ET carries to the final healing in the end to 99% of patients that suffers from the heavy sweat, leaving only a minimum scar in the armpit. Nevertheless, it permitted that we to emphasize again that the over solutions, still ET (Sympathectomy find hyperhidrosis clinic Endoscopic) they are still surgical in the nature and they can leave lasting long time the affections of the side that can be worse then the to sweat excessive original and that these affections of the side would be able to be got worse with the time.




the heavy line that sweats

8. The Forums of Hyperhidrosis or to Sweat Excessive to Undertake and the Places with Information of Hyperhydrosis


MSN Excessive website of group of Sweat LTD of types


MSN the Excessive group of the Sweat LTD

The pretty extensive forum in the hyperhidrosis with many members of LTD.


Forum of Channel of ESFB

The excessive forum that sweats with a pleasant design and many members.


The social World of the Phobia - Great Forum for Hyperhidrosis or LTD


ET & the Forum of the Discussion of Reversions


Old forum of channel of ESFB Nonparticipatory


The forums of CTSNet; Hyperhidrosis


Forum of Hyperhidrosis. Very Good forum


Not ET - the Completely Informative Forum to Sweat the Matters


LTD or Forum of Support of Hyperhidrosis


The Forum of the young one Hyperhidrosis, Oh My God Becky!

A good excessive forum that sweats for adolescents.


The Dutch Forum that Sweats


Arabian group of Hyperhidrosis


The excessive Group of the Health that Sweats


The sweaty Friends Group


ET and the forum of Reversions and discussion to undertake for the hyperhidrosis


ET and the forum of Reversions and discussion to undertake

This forum specifically to sweat excessive the find hyperhidrosis clinic discussion.


The place of Geocities in medicines of hyperhidrosis

Other medicines that are available and some brief information in those medicines for those medicines of hyperhidrosis.


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