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Excessive Facial Sweating


Hyperhidrosis may affect different areas of the body, and facial sweating is one of the most common and widespread conditions. Facial hyperhidrosis is one of the most problematic forms of abnormal sweating. Excessive perspiration of the face is unpleasant and can become a real obstacle in social interactions. Facial hyperhidrosis is intrusive because it is the most visible of all forms of excessive sweating. It is triggered by a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system which dereglates the sweat production. Because it appears in a sensitive area, facial sweating is also harder to eliminate (surgery and botox injections, for example, are rarely used for facial excessive sweat).

Treatment for Facial Hyperhidrosis

Sympathectomy is sometimes used to treat facial sweating, although most patiets don't respond wel to the idea of having surgery perfomed on their face. This is one of the main reasons why medications are the most popular treatments for facial hyperhidrosis. Every pacient should obtain a list and dosage of medication from their doctor, before starting treatment. The effects of the medication on facial sweating are different from one person to the other, and in many cases it is a matter of trial and error before the best medication treatment for facial hyperhidrosis is found. AS with all other forms of sweating, facial hyperhidrosis requires constant treatment in order to have improved results.

Facial Sweating - An Intrusive Element

In medical terms, facial hyperhidrosis is a very low risk condition, as it does not lead to serious illness. However, when it comes to psychological implications, excessive facial sweat can lead to some unwanted negative responses. A sweaty face is a poblem that makes people very self aware and, in time, it may cause them to become less sociable. Many are ashamed of their condition, even though it is not their fault and they have no control over the excessve sweating process. Facial hyperhidrosis, when left untreated, often results in other health problems, such as severe anxiety, depression and high levels of stress. If you are suffering fom any form of hyperhidrosis, now is the best time to take action and eliminate this annoying obstacle from your life.

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Sweating or hyperhidrosis excessive they are caused for a dysfunction in the nice chain of nerve. A patient that suffers from the facial hyperhidrosis cure will be found sweating beyond the physiological need of the body to maintain a regular temperature. The Body says good-bye the majority of the commonly affected is the hands (Wandering Hyperhidrosis), the feet (Planter Hyperhidrosis), the face (erthrophobia), and armpits (axillary that sweats). The experts have found that there is in fact a genetic component in this condition. In about of 40% of the cases there is not a history of the family of hyperhidrosis although all they know about a member of the family that suffers from this disinclination. In cases here there is not the history of the family, the patient can be the first one to carry these genes. Sadly, hyperhidrosis is a life the long condition and itself does not go without the processing.


Surgical options


There it has been significant progresses in the available processing to conquer hyperhidrosis. Earlier, the surgery to treat this condition was complicated and was respected risked. Today, a procedure facial hyperhidrosis cure called Sympathectomy Torácico Endoscopic (ET) is available to patients, that demands to offer a solution of all the life. This is a procedure most minimum invasive fact, like the name suggests, endoscopically, in the spinal nice nerves. It is carried out in a base of outpatient, that signifies that the patient returns at home the same day. Is very I need and the rate of the complication is very low. There are two methods –cutting and holding. In the previous one the nerve is cut, or by cautery electric, or by a harmonic scalpel (device of ultrasonido). In the last one the segment of the nerve that causes that the problem be held with paperclips of titanio. The holding the method is reversible while the cutting method is not. Hyperhidrosis, or to sweat excessive, can be a problem very incapacitating. It caused by the envelope the activity of the nice nervous facial hyperhidrosis cure, hyperhidrosis can place the embarrassing problems to achieve the simple daily tasks as to greet, to embrace, to write and at times establishing still the personal relations. The ones that suffer from it, and the number is not small – about one percent of the population of world is grieved with this condition that incapacitates - does thus not only in the functional and physical level but also socially and emotionally.


The tips to fight to sweat excessive


1. When a patient of hyperhidrosis you can find its clothes that comes be humid and to exhale an unpleasant smell. You will be passing various hours probably a day that treats with the to sweat excessive -- wiping, re-refreshing, to water, to be bathed, and for wash clothes. Washing and repeated use of deodorizing the soaps can alleviate the problem but an excessive use of these soaps they can cause also dermatitis. It would be convenient to choose a cleaner that is 100% of freed soap.


2. When you can need to change its clothes several times a day, is convenient to carry to remain limp articles of clothing custom-made facts in the matters that do not stain easily.


3. The test to maintain the duplicities among the skin, as under the neck, like drought as possible to avoid the problems of skin.


4. If you suffers from the Planter Hyperhidrosis (hyperhidrosis that affects the soles of the feet) you can find that the feet develop an unpleasant smell and they are prone to the secondary infections of skin. You can buy staffs facial hyperhidrosis cure of shoe, but to replace these frequently. Avoid to carry the same pair of shoes two days in a row.


5. You will find also that its shoes are damaged enough easily. To enlarge its life, you should omit them for dry.


6. Utilizing excessive sweat antiperspirants will give him some relief of the unpleasant smells. The excessive sweat antiperspirants enter many forms - the dews, the sticks, they continue and the paintings, and they are different from deodorants. The previous affection the production of the sweat while the unique last disguise the unpleasant smell. Choose an aluminum of not-fragranced excessive sweat antiperspirants salty, that has 10-25% of content of alcohol. Upon applying, after a downpour, and a short time before of the to go to bed, the sure mark that the skin is dried. Wash it in the morning. Utilize it for several consecutive nights and then you can be tightened downward to one or twice a week. If you find the excessive sweat antiperspirants that irritates the skin, you can apply hydrocortisone cream.


For the hyperhidrosis temperate, you can find dust of talco and troops corn starch dust. Apply in the middle duplicities of skin and fingers to absorb the sweat.


Although it reduce considerably to sweat in the armpits and palms, the effect cannot be permanent. The reason for the reaparición is not known. It would be able to be due to the re-growth of the nerve that has been held. Also, the patient can develop hyperhidrosis compensatory in other parts of the body. The procedure of the post, the patient can develop also the dryness and a warmness unfavorable of skin. It is not recommended for patients that suffer from the Planter Hyperhidrosis as can hinder the sexual functions of the body.


Not –the Surgical Options


There is the also not surgical processing for the hyperhidrosis. These they include BOTOX® lotions, the pills, electronic devices, the acupuncture, the medicines anti anxiety, the betabloqueadores, the biofeedback, and the medicines of herbs. The oral Medicine: Similar to those treated peptic ulcer, these medicines of anticholinergic such as Robinul, Ditropan® and facial hyperhidrosis cure Professional-banthine®has limited success. The side-effects include the vision and the indistinct dryness in the mouth.


The Betabloqueadores: are useful, but not convenient for people with the asthma neither illnesses vasculares.


The electronic devices: Drionic is an electric machine that utilizes iontophoresis to reduce the production of the sweat. A weak electric current is passed through the hands that are soaked in the water. These needs of the processing to be facts in a base to regulate, although the rate of success be limited.


BOTOX®: This is a short-term processing for the hyperhidrosis, its effects that last for only three to six months. Comes be increasingly more popular for the processing of hyperhidrosis of axillary facial hyperhidrosis cure. Nevertheless, their use to treat palms and sweaty soles have not been approved for the FDA. You can need local or general anesthesia, like these injections can be quite painful.


Facial sweating quick tip

"Facial hyperhidrosis is commonly associated to facial blushing and many patients undergo treatment for both conditions at the same time. "
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