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Excessive sweat - why does hyperhidrosis occur


Why does hyperhidrosis occur? The body needs sweat in order to cool down when the temperatures become too high. In nature, we see many creatures using different methods to keep a constant body temperature - sweating is our way of doing it. Unfortunately, some people experience excessive sweat , a condition known as hyperhidrosis , in which the sweat levels are higher than necessary. The condition occurs because of the overactive sympathetic nervous system.

Hyperhidrosis causes

The central command center for sweat related processes is the hypothalamus. The brain sends information to the sweat nerves which then pass it along to the sweat glands. When shis system gets overactive, the sweat glends produce larger amounts of sweat, resulting in the condition known as hyperhidrosis. Different stimuli can contribute to this process. The most common include nervousness, outside pressure, anxiety, stress.

Social interactions may also trigger excessive sweat, because they are the environtments when all of the above mentioned factors become active. When a person suffering from hyperhidrosis is engaged in social interactions the strength of the outside stimuli increases, making that person more susceptible to sweat extensively.

Hyperhidrosis manifestations

In order to answer the question: "Why does hyperhidrosis occur?" we have to look at the symptoms and triggers of excessive sweat. The most common manifestations of excessive sweating affect the hands, armpits, face and feet. You can learn more about each of them by following the links below:
hyperhidrosis sweat gland photo

Palmar Hyperhidrosis

Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Facial Hyperhidrosis

Pedal Hyperhidrosis

The excessive beginnings that sweat in the institute of the smaller one---An atrocious time to have this problem. The scientists believe that to sweat excessive is genetic; has given of the father to the boy. But even if excessive perspiration treatment have not the excessive sweat, its son neither the daughter are able. The children are sufficient timid like is, so that they can be ashamed also to seek aid.


Still of mom and dad.


If its boy has a problem that sweats, is a good bet that she does all that she can hide her. She does:


Take shirts extra to educate


Always maintain the hands in its sides


It be sat down in the back of the class and avoid to participate


Pay more attention to its to sweat that to the teacher


Cut the class if she sweats is too much evil that All they know that that sweat of the body is not barely water. It contains waste, you leave them, and the elements of the track. A processing of the sauna causes sweats him. The aerobic activity causes sweats him. The high temperatures stimulate to sweat...


So that is important to consider if we have just the waste of the body to lose (that we do not want) provided that we sweat lavishly, or we are losing the important elements.


Not the hyperhidrosis usual


It concerns about sweating or hyperhidrosis excessive is has to do with in its greater part the occurrence of the sweat excessive perspiration treatment excessive or sweaty palms. These are treaties generally with excessive sweat antiperspirants trite and even the surgery.


The people that are diabetic, as in the hypoglycemia, can experience the excessive sweat as a symptom. But how about abundant sweat of body under the normal physical activity? We lose we the important elements of the track when this happens?


Investigate in the track elements concentrations in the sweat


The investigators in a Japanese university investigated the track elements concentrations in the sweat during bathing of sauna. They compared the concentrations of the greater elements and they draw the elements in the sweat complete low arm with the concentrations of the entire body.


Note that the greater elements mentioned in the study includes sodium, the chlorine or the chloride, the potassium, the calcium, the match, and the magnesium.


Sweat have also the elements of the track, those found in lower concentrations, just as zinc, the copper, the iron, the nickel, the chromium, and the manganese. These "elements of track" are essential to our health, so that interests in ascertaining what happens to the concentrations in our bodies due to activities you regulate.


Since excessive perspiration treatment some people sweat more lavishly than the other, they lose they the most important elements of the track that the other?


The chromium has been found to be a significant element of the track in the diabetes. Investigation has shown that the nails of people with the type 2 diabetes has the concentration more drop of chromium those that not diabetic.


Before you sweats was... it


Is enough space that there is not the adverse effects of the excessive sweat of the physical exercise, the manual work, neither the sauna that bathes. Nevertheless, the investigators notify that diet should be adapted to supply again the minerals lost.


We note also that


* To Sweat is a normal function of the body. It eliminates the waste and serves for the thermos-regulation at the same time.

* Of the investigation, the elements of the track in the sweat of the low arm tended to be lower in concentration that that of other areas of the body.

* A normal healthy diet can compensate any track elements loss of the body low normal conditions such as in Infrared processing of sauna. There was not indication of the investigators that show any concerns with regard to the occasional baths of sauna, or the regular exercise.

* Investigators expressed some they concern considering "athletes and industrious that work in a hot environment and they sweated a lot by custom". They recommend that these people should I consume the adequate quantities of elements of track. A stable diet can take care of this.


Carry clothes and too large black jackets


Avoid the parties, the athletic events, and the dance of the school


Is difficult to imagine how much sweat leaves the boy with excessive perspiration treatment. Some children sweat so much that his body is soaked in the sweat. They get cold of all that sweat. It would be as to carry a to soak undershirt wet under a sweater.


When a work of up the boy the nerve to speak its parents, many parents do not believe that something be wrong. "You do not wash correctly excessive perspiration treatment," mom perhaps say. Or the dad can look at barely her boy as she is a rare bug.


The children in the school should have ascertained and they incite their son or to daughter all the day. When a boy finally says someone, he is generally because she cannot be faced already.


The tips for children


* When you itself about mom or to dad, give them specific examples. Tell them what happens you in school. Do a list of times and place upon sweating prevented him of doing something diversion or is successful.


* If you are insecure about how its parents will react, they will obtain aid of another confident adult---The teacher, the coach, the shepherd, counselor of guide, the brother, the sister. Together, you can have a true conversation with its parents about what happens.


Sweating excessive is a true problem that often goes without processing in children, because the children do not include the resources to seek the alone processing. The parents, the clock for warning signals; and if its excessive perspiration treatment boy itself about you, be nice. Its boy has very probable he was treating with this for a long time without you educated.



Hyperhidrosis quick tip

"Hyperhidrosis is a wide-spread problem, affecting millions of people around the world"
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