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Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS)


ETS is a surgical procedure that cuts down the sweat production triggered by sympathetic nerves. The effectiveness of the Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy treatment is high when compared to many of the alternative excessive sweat treatments. Hyperhidrosis and other forms of excessive sweat appear when the sympathetic system functions anormally, giving commands to the sweat glands to produce more than the body needs to keep a constant temperature. In order to perform the Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy operation, the patient is placed under anesthesia and small incisions are made in the armpit area. The ETS operation is usually successful in reducing the negative effects of excessive sweat. Because the Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy treatment is a surgical procedure, the patient needs to be informed about the potential risks, benefits and recovery time.

How effective is the Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy hyperhidrosis treatment?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that is sometimes thought to overcome, but Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy does have proven results. The benefits that the surgical procedure brings differ from patient to patient, but, in general, ETS is known to effectively combat excessive sweat. 90% of ETS patients would undergo teh surgery again if necessary. The most effective excessive sweat problem that can be cured with Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy treatments is palmar hyperhidrosis, where there is a recurrence rate of only 7%.

ETS - How Does It Treat Excessive Sweat?

ETS is mostly used to treat axillary hyperhidrosis, combating underarm sweat. There are thre different ways in which the Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy surgical procedure can be performed:

"  ETS, or sympathectomy by clamping, is a procedure in which the nerve's activity is interrupted by applying a clamp on them.

"  Sympathetic nerve resection is a different procedure, where the nerves are cut in specific areas. This may be effective in some cases, but it is a permanent effect operation.

" Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy by cutting removes the majority of the nerves responsible for excessive sweating, and the effects are permanent.

 For most of us, we are a "he opens the book" to other he is not desirable and traditionally, to blush he is associated with he is shamed or he is timid. For that reason each time but people that experience to blush and the ETS endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy facial is about processing to diminish his effects. The severe cases to blush are calls idiopathic cranio-facial erythema – almost some light trigger can cause to blush facial very visible. There is the different types from processing for this they condition: to blush facial surgical the processing, the processing of the drug to blush and psychological processing.


The surgical facial processing that blush


ET was one of the potential processing to blush. It was believed that ET was responsible for blushing facial diminished with patients that utilized for processing of hyperhidrosis of palm grove. The subsequent studies, nevertheless, concluded that ET is not a so good election for this private condition. The compensatory sweat levels produces it and the numerous effects of the side are the strong points against utilizing ET to blush facial the processing. With ET out of the questions, what is the other elections?


Drug the processing to blush


Robinol, Ditropan and Propanthelin along with a series of drugs of anticholinergic are the good elections when comes to the rojez facial and to blush excessive. These they offer a more conservative focus and they should be tried before some surgical operation is respected. This focus can provide patients with good results. Some they choose to combine the processing that blushes with drugs as Xanax. Other methods of the processing can include the reaction of bio, although this have not been tested to be very effective. The medicines of the anxiety, the ETS endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy Betabloqueadores and Clonidine are utilized also in blushing facial the processing.


The psychological options of the processing that all we can sweat through the day; our bodies perspire naturally to regulate the heat. When the production of sweat exceeds beyond what is necessary to refresh the body that is called it as Hyperhidrosis.




Hyperhidrosis is a condition Characterized by sweating excessive. This to sweat Excessive is more common in the region of


1. The hands (hyperhidrosis of palm grove)

2. Armpits (hyperhidrosis of Axillary)

3. The feet (hyperhidrosis of the plant)

4. Face (to Blush Facial).


Low stressful conditions, this condition gets worse to have as a result the smells done not desire and staining of clothes and may be shaming and intervenes with the ability of person to work in high –the situations of the emphasis. Almost about 6% of population suffers from Hyperhidrosis.


The cause of hyperhidrosis:


The exact cause of hyperhidrosis is a stranger. The most probable cause is expected to be a genetic one one, can be due to the hypercritical in the nice nervous system. Specifically, is the Nice Chain Excessive sweat treatment of Ganglion, that runs for the vérterbra of the thorn number inside the cavity of chest. This chain controls the glands, known like the glands of apocrine and eccrine, responsible for sweat through the entire body. The glands hyperhidrosis treatments of eccrine are concentrated mainly in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. In most cases, the hands and the feet are affected. To a smaller degree, the face and armpit (axillae) the regions are affected. This is another demonstration of the hyperactive nice nervous system.


The symptoms of Hyperhidrosis:


Sweating excessive hinders the activities of the everyday life. It is caused at times by the emphasis, by the emotion, or by the exercise, but can occur also spontaneously. The patients with hyperhidrosis of palm grove have wet, humid hands that intervene at times with getting objects. The majority of the patients with hyperhidrosis of palm grove also they consider it a difficult social problem since each time they greet, they leave the other palm of very ETS endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy humid person, a sensation the majority of the people find unpleasant. The ones that suffer from the sweat of hyperhidrosis of axillary lavishly of the armpits that causes that they stain its clothes shortly after they dress. Once more, this turns out to be very ugly and a social disadvantage. Hyperhidrosis of the plant is the to sweat excessive of the feet and carries to sock and humid shoes that enlarges runs the smell. For some there is to sweat abundant of the face, upon eating especially spicy food this is the demonstration of hyperhidrosis facial or to blush facial.


The processing for Hyperhidrosis: Initially, the processing for the hyperhidrosis is a doctor not implying any surgery, if hyperhidrosis is secondary to any other conditions, then clearly, those need to be first treaties. If there is not causes apparent, the symptomatic measures are taken generally.


The Chloride of the aluminum: The most powerful agents and troops utilized to sweat of the hands and armpits is the aluminum chloride solution (Drysol, Xerac). It is controversial how exactly works, but has thought to block pores of gland sudarípara. After two- three processing to the week, the majority of the patients experience to sweat diminished. These better medicines I work in the afternoon, when activity of glands hyperhidrosis treatments is in a minimum.


Iontophoresis: It is a procedure where electric current is applied to block the glands hyperhidrosis treatments. The palms and the soles that are sweaty are placed in a solution of electrolito and they are soaked to twenty minutes. An objection is that requires multiple processing before they can be cash, but they can last to a month once established.


Toxin of toxin botulínica: (BOTOX) toxin of Toxin botulínica is a substance of neurotoxic that has been found to be successful to treat hyperhidrosis, with the procedure that hard to 12 months of the dryness. The objections include their costly cost and the number of processing they needed for their success.




For the hyperhidrosis severe, the surgery can be the only option. The elimination of glands hyperhidrosis treatments of armpit can diminish significantly the quantity to sweat. Sympathectomy or ganglionectomy ETS endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy upper are the surgeries that can help hyperhidrosis severe of palm grove, but this procedure often has the high rates of the complication.


The social phobia is one of the causes to blush facial and directs the psychological processing produce generally the excellent results. The psychological processing can include: Blushing involuntary is common to people that have the social phobia. In most cases, these disorders respond well to the processing. The psychological options of the processing can include: The cognitive therapy of the conduct (CBT) – a for of the processing that is proposed to help people changes its conduct and the guidelines pensadoras in certain social situations. Breathing the techniques are utilized also commonly to blush facial, since the symptoms of the anxiety are caused for hyperventilation. The confrontation of the fear is another method cured to blush facial – the patient is helped ETS endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, by a counselor, to conquer the social fears and to obtain on the social phobias.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy quick tip

"ETS can have excellent results with most hyperhidrosis problems, but it is less effective with axillary excessive sweat, with a 63% recurrance rate."
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