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Cause of hyperhidrosis


What causes hyperhidrosis?

This is a very common question - "What causes hyperhidrosis?". Medical scientists and doctors are still not sure what the exact cause of hyperhidrosis is. The overactive nervous system triggers an excessive sweat production and this is believed to be at the basis of the trigger that causes excessive sweat. The process is triggered by a substance known as acetylcholine - a chemical compound that triggers sweat production and might be one of the main factors determining the cause of hyperhidrosis.

What causes excessive sweat?

Causes for excessive sweat, however, may be more varied. Certain outside factors may also trigger excessive sweat - emotional stress, pressure, certain food types. It seems genetics are also an essential factor that contributes to the negative effects of excessive sweating. Research is being made and hopefully we will determine the exact cause of hyperhidrosis in the near future. Until then, a vague answer is stil to be give to whoever wonders what causes hyperhidrosis.

More resources on excessive sweat are available in our other articles.

* Toxin of Toxin botulínica types A (Botox®) : The injections of the toxin of toxin botulínica are utilized to incapacitate the glands hyperhidrosis treatments. The effects can last of 4-9 months that depending on the place of injections. With appropriate anesthesia the injections of hand and foot are almost painless. The procedure when is used to sweat of armpit has been approved cause of hyperhidrosis for the US . The food and Drugs the Administration (FDA), and now some insurance companies pay partly for the processing. [the citation needed]

* Iontophoresis: This method was described originally in the fifties, and in its exact way of the action remains evasive to date. The area affected is placed in a device that has two bucket of water with a conductor in each one. The hand or the foot they act as a conductor among the positively- and bucket with negative load. When the low current passes for the area, the minerals in the water stall the glands hyperhidrosis treatments, limiting the quantity of the sweat freed. The common marks of water current devices of iontophoresis are the Drionic®, Idrostar and MD 1A (RA Fischer). Some people have seen great results while the other do not they see effect. Nevertheless, since the device can be painful to some (is important to note that that pain is limited generally to small injuries and to that with the time the body adjusts to the procedure) and a lot of time is required, no unemployment to sweat in some people can be the result of utilize not the device as required. The device is utilized generally for the hands and feet, but there has been a device created for the axillae (armpit) area and for the people stump region with extremity amputated.

* The Oral medicine: There are several available oral drugs to treat the condition with greater or smaller success. [the citation needed] A class of drugs of anticholinergic is available that has shown to reduce hyperhidrosis. Ditropan® (the generic name: Oxybutynin) is one that has been the cause of hyperhidrosis majority of the to promise. For some people, nevertheless, the drowsiness and the associated drought-mouth with the drug cannot be tolerated. A version of the liberation of the time of the drug is also available, called Ditropan XL®, with the efficacy supposedly reduced. Robinul® (the generic name: Glycopyrrolate) is another drug utilized in a base of of-label. The drug seems to be almost as effective as oxybutynin, with side carries out similar such as a dry mouth or to dry throat often carrying to the pain in these areas. Other agents less troops of anticholinergic that have been treaties include bromide of propantheline (Probanthine®) and benztropine (Cogentin®). A different class from drugs known as betabloqueadores have been treaties also, but they do not seem to be almost like cash. Since the disorder often is caused for or irritated by the high-anxiety, antidepressant drugs, just as Zoloft®, often helps to alleviate the symptoms. [the citation needed]


* The Load-Loss: Hyperhidrosis can be aggravated for the obesity, so that the loss of weight can help. Nevertheless, the majority of the people with hyperhidrosis do not they sweat excessively due to obesity. [the citation needed]

* The Relaxation and the meditation: The techniques of the relaxation have been dealt with success limited. [the citation needed]

* The Hypnosis: The hypnosis has been utilized with success limited. [the citation needed]

* Percutaneous Sympathectomy: a most minimum invasive procedure in which the nerve of sympathectomy is blocked for an injection of phenol.

* Dust of Talco/Baby: A temporary processing is dust of cause of hyperhidrosis or baby because the dust will absorb the sweat, the only problem is, after a while the dust can come be a disorderly white layer in the place of the application.

* Accupuncture: The needles are placed in the hands

Sweating (called also sweat or at times transpiration) is the production and the evaporation of a liquid, consisting mainly of water as well as a smaller quantity of chloride of sodium (the main component of "salt of table"), that is excreted for the glands hyperhidrosis treatments in the skin of mammals. Sweat contain also the chemical substances or odorants of 2 methylphenol (OR-cresol) and of 4 methylphenol (P-cresol).


In humans, sweating is mainly a media of the regulation of the temperature, although have been proposed that the components of the male sweat can act as the indications of pheromonal [1]. The evaporation of the sweat of the surface of skin has a cooling carries out due to the latent heat of the evaporation of water. From there, in the hot time, or when the muscles of individual heat due to the effort, more sweat is produced. Sweating is enlarged for the agitation and the nausea and diminished by the cold. The animals with few glands hyperhidrosis treatments, just as dogs, they reach the similar results of the regulation of the temperature panting, that evaporates water of the humid forum of the cavity and the oral pharynx. The primates and the horses have armpits that sweat similar to humans.


medical excessive sweat treatments glands hyperhidrosis treatments


There are two classes of glands hyperhidrosis treatments that differ a lot in the composition of the sweat and their purpose:


* Glands hyperhidrosis treatments of Eccrine are distributed on the entire surface of the body but they are especially abundant in the palms of hands, the soles of feet, and in the front. These they produce the sweat that is composed mainly of water with several you leave. These glands are utilized for the regulation of corporal temperature.

* Glands hyperhidrosis treatments of cause of hyperhidrosis Apocrine produce the sweat that contains the fatty matters. These glands are presents mainly in the armpits and around the genital area and its activity is the main cause of the smell of the sweat, due to the bacteria that broken the organic compounds in the sweat of these glands.


medical excessive sweat treatments the Social effects


Sweating excessive hinders the performance of many routine activities. The things want to handle, to take the tests and getting simply objects are hindered severely by sweaty hands. Besides, many careers present the challenges for victims of hyperhidrosis, just as for cook chefs, for the doctors, and for the people that work with computers. Nevertheless, it is the social confusion that the majority of the victims of hyperhidrosis find the majority of the to bother.


Some victims of hyperhidrosis feel that they have to avoid the situations where they will come in the physical contact with other. The interviews, a common source of the anxiety for many people, step especially for patients of hyperhidrosis. The majority of the times, is the squeeze of hands before and after the interview cause of hyperhidrosis that will be emphasizing the majority of the about of.


The very social interaction that would be able to help elevator the spirits of an individual that suffers with hyperhidrosis are reduced. The interaction with other is very important. The simple experience of the sound by another turns out to be very important to the psychological welfare of a person.


Excessive sweat causes quick tip

"The actual triggers and causes for hyperhidrosis are not 100% determined, but genetics and social stimuli seem to be among the most common cause for hyperhidrosis."
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