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Botox injection for hyperhidrosis


What is the efficiency of Botox injections for hyperhidrosis? Do they actually deliver what they promise, or ar they yet another expensive and rather painful excessive sweat treatment?

Although more painful than other treatment methods, getting a Botox injection for hyperhidrosis and other excessive sweat related issues may become part of an effective treatment. Mostly used to treat axillary excessive sweat, Botox injections for hyperhidrosis are effective when the treatment is consistent. The costs for such treatment may get quite high, but there are government financial aid systems to help qualified patients get the drug at a discount price. Plan for a prolonged treatment using this drug, as a single Botox injection for hyperhidrosis (or even several of them) will have little to no effect – sustained treatment is the only way to deal with your excessive sweat.

Hyperhidrosis primary is the condition characterized by sweat irregularly enlarged, that required for the regulation of corporal temperature. Some sorrowful patients with the condition experience a clear reduction in the quality of the life. The victims feel puzzled of the control because sweat Botox injection for hyperhidrosis independent of the temperature and the emotional state.


Nevertheless, the anxiety can irritate the situation for many victims. A common complaint of patients is that they are put nervous because they sweat, then they sweat more because they are nervous. Other factors can play a role; certain food & the beverages, the nicotine, the caffeine, and the smells can cause an answer (sees also diaphoresis). T is not known what causes hyperhidrosis primary. A theory is to go results of hyperhidrosis of a hyperactive nice nervous system, but this hypercritical they are able is caused on the other hand by the abnormal function of brain.


medical excessive sweat treatments Affected Areas


* Obvious: Sweating excessive of the hands.

* Axillary: Sweating excessive of the armpits.

* Of the plant: Sweating excessive of the feet.

* Facial: Sweating excessive of the face. (I.and. not emotinal neither to blush related thermal)

* General: Sweating excessive general.


medical excessive sweat treatments the Processing


Hyperhidrosis can be tried generally, but there is not healing.


* Chloride of Aluminum (hexahydrate) the solution: The common marks of the solution of cholride of aluminum (as anti perspirant) includes "MegaDry®" (that utilizes a mixture not-bother of chlorohydrate of aluminum), Drysol®, CertainDri®, more B-SECO®Odaban®, Botox injection for hyperhidrosis and Driclor®. While chloride of aluminum is utilized in excessive sweat antiperspirants regular, victims of hyperhidrosis need an a lot more more high concentration to treat really the symptoms of the condition. A 15% of solution of the chloride of the aluminum or higher takes generally about a week of the use nocha to stop the to sweat, with some applications nochas of maintain to the week the results. A solution of the chloride of the aluminum can be very effective; some people, nevertheless, cannot tolerate the irritation that can cause. Also, the solution generally is not cash for the palm grove (hand) and of the plant (foot) hyperhidrosis - for which iontophoresis (sees down) can yield better has as a result some circumstances. [the citation needed]

* The Surgery (sympathectomy torácico Endoscopic or ET) : Choose nice ganglions of nerves or nerve in the chest they are or cut or they burned (destroying completely its ability of transmitting the impulses), or held (keeping in mind theoretically the reversion of the procedure). The procedure often causes anhidrosis of the half a chest up, a disruptive condition. The greater objections to the procedure include dysfuction of thermoregulatory (Goldstien, 2005), the fear and caution descended (Teleranta, Pohjavaara, et to the 2003, 2004) and the incident arrolladuro of hyperhidrosis compensatory. Some people find this to sweat to be tolerable while the other they find that the hyperhidrosis compensatory for be worse than the initial condition. It has been established also that there is a reduction (less than 1%) the opportunity of syndrome of Horner. Other common risks to the most minimum-invasive surgery of the chest, although rarely, exists. The patients have been shown also to experience a Botox injection for hyperhidrosis nice cardiac, that has as a result a 10% of beating of the heart descended during so much the rest as the exercise. ET was considered useful in treating to blush facial and to sweat facial. According to Dr. Reisfeld, the only indication for ET in the present is hyperhidrosis excessive and severe of palm grove (to sweat excessive of hand). The statistics has shown that when treated to blush and/or to sweat facial facial excessive, the percentage of damages of ET for those two clinical presentations is higher and the patients are more prone to sideways effects. [the citation needed]

* The Surgery (the suction of gland sudarípara) : A new technique adapted and modified of the liposuction. In a base of outpatient with the only local anesthesia, the glands hyperhidrosis treatments are removed permanently in a not aggressive and peaceful way. The glands hyperhidrosis treatments and armpits are softened first and they are anesthetized with a special solution. After a short period, the glands hyperhidrosis treatments then can be removed in a similar way to the liposuction. The only small incisions over and under the armpits they are required to remove the glands hyperhidrosis treatments by the fast suction. The entire most minimum invasive operation takes between 60 and 90 minutes. The patients can go home directly after the procedure. Some it can return still to work after leaving the practice, although taking the remainder of the free day is recommended. More than 95% of patients reports considerably except the inconvenience and the permanent dryness.


There is the controversy with regard to the definition of hyperhidrosis, because any sweat that drops far from the body are that required for the thermoregulation. Almost all people will drip the sweat far from the body during the heavy exercise.


Hyperhidrosis or is generalized or is located to specific parts of the body. The hands, the feet, axillae, Botox injection for hyperhidrosis and the area of groin they are among the regions more assets of sweat due to the relatively high concentration of glands hyperhidrosis treatments; nevertheless, any part of the body can be affected. Hyperhidrosis primary is found to begin during the adolescence or still before, and to interest, seems to be inherited as an autosomal the dominant genetic characteristic.


Hyperhidrosis primary should be distinguished of the hyperhidrosis secondary, that can begin in any point in the life. The last form can be due to a disorder of the thyroid or pituitary gland, mellitus of diabetes, the tumors, drop, the menopause or certain drugs.


Hyperhidrosis primary is reckoned in about 1% of the population, afflicting men and to women likewise. Has commonly its beginning in the Botox injection for hyperhidrosis.



Botox hyperhidrosis injections quick tip

"Botox injections are commonly used to treat hyperhidrosis but make sure to try alternative, less painful and less expensive treatments before."
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