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Hyperhidrosis hands

Sweating excessive can do a squeeze of hands a to shame and the event feared. It can cause carrying shoes with was socks hyperhidrosis medication inconceivable clothes and moneychanger of bed in half at night a normal occurrence.


While to sweat is healthy and natural sweat and excessive, known like hyperhidrosis, the affections on the three percent of the population and can cause great grief.


The acupuncture and the Chinese medicine are very successful hyperhidrosis hands in the processing to sweat. In fact, how one sweats is a key factor in the discord of identification inside the body. The sweat is considered a fundamental substance in the Chinese medical text and is studied exhaustive. Upon sweating the disorders can be dealt with the surgery and drugs, they are worth while to know that there is an alternative to procedures and invasive medicines and often risked.


What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is defined as the production of sweat beyond what is necessary to refresh the body. When is hyperhidrosis primary, the cause is stranger. The problem has been related to an envelope the reaction of the glands sudaríparas to both changes in temperatures and to the emotional and physical emphasis. Hyperhidrosis can affect the feet, the palms, the armpits or the entire body.

Hyperhidrosis secondary has a cause recognized just as:


* Hyperactive Gland of thyroid

* The Injury of the spinal Cord

* Attack of panic

* The Disorder of the Anxiety

* Some Cancers

* The Obesity

* The Menopause


Sweating and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The processing before acupuncture and of herbs can begin, to be necessary to diagnose correctly the illness: Sweating is a symptom for many different guidelines from the discord inside the body. The oriental Medicine is proposed to treat each individual depending hyperhidrosis medication on extraordinarily its guideline and the symptoms.


Its acupuncturist can do an interview and to ask questions about how, what, where and when you perspire, sleep, eats, the beverage and the exercise, to call a few. The doctor can be felt also the pulse and to observe the tongue. This interview and the recognition will help to create a clear portrait hyperhidrosis hands in which its doctors can create a plan of the processing specifically for you.


Common it Diagnoses and Formulae of herbs to Sweat


This is not for self-diagnostic. It is of only show the great diversity and the complexity of the guidelines that have sweated as a primary symptom.




Common it Diagnoses

Hot the accumulation in the Stomach and Internal

Deficiency of humidity and Spleen

Spleen and Deficiency of Stomach Qi

Liver and Deficiency of Kidney Yin


Formulae of herbs, Chinese and common

The greater Order the Decoction of Qi (ear of qi hyperhidrosis medication of cheng of gives)

Calm the Dust of Stomach and Five ingredient with the Decoction of Poria (tanned of pollack of wei)

The Decoction of the four-gentleman (ear of zi of if June)

The Pill of the six-ingredient with Rehmannia (huang of wei of liu I Gave pale)



Common it Diagnoses

The humid-heat in the Liver and/or Gallbaladder Grooves

Liver and Deficiency of Kidney Yin


Formulae of herbs, Chinese and common

The Decoction of Gentiana Longdancao (long ear of gan of xie of they give)

The Pill of the six-ingredient with Rehmannia - modified (huang of wei of liu I Gave pale)




Common it Diagnoses

Accumulation of humid-heat

Deficiency of Yang of kidney


Formulae of herbs, Chinese and common

Artemisia Yinchenhao and Decoction of Poria (ear of hao hyperhidrosis hands of chen of Yin + ear of pollack of wu)

The Decoction very cold of Extremities (ear of neither of if)




Common it Diagnoses

Heart and Deficiency of Spleen Qi

Heart and Deficiency of Kidney Yin


Formulae of herbs, Chinese and common

(ear of pi of gui)

(tian wang bu xin give)


Upper body


Common it Diagnoses

Accumulation of humid-heat


Formulae of herbs, Chinese and common

(ear of du of jie of they bundle of huang)


Lower body


Common it Diagnoses

The humid-heat in Jiao lower


Formulae of herbs, Chinese and common

(long ear of gan of xie of they give)


Half a BodyReturn to Surpass


Common it Diagnoses

Rolls up-humid or Cold-Humid stagnation

Ying and Discord of Wei

Deficiency of Qi and Blood


Formulae of herbs, Chinese and common

(they give of I flee xiao Lou)

(ear of zhi of gui)

(ear of wu of if + ear of zi of if June)


The night Sweats


Common it Diagnoses

Deficiency of humidity and Spleen

Syndrome of Yang hyperhidrosis medication of Shao

Yin the Deficient Heat of Kidney and/or Heart

The Deficiency of the blood of Liver or Heart


Formulae of herbs, Chinese and common

Calm the Dust of Stomach and Five ingredient with the Decoction of Poria (tanned of pollack of wei

(ear of hu of chai of xiao)

(ear of jia of bie of hao of qing) or (huang of wei of liu I Gave pale) or they give of xin of bu of wang of tian) or (ear of zao of gives of mai of gan)

(ear of wu of if) or (ear of ren of zao of suan) or (ear of pi of gui)


Sweating spontaneous


Common it Diagnoses

The Deficiency of Qi of the Lung and/or Spleen


Formulae of herbs, Chinese and common

(ear of pi of gui) or (ear of qi of yi of zhong of bu) or (ear of zi of if June)


This shows some, but not all the diagnoses and formulae of Chinese herbs that could be utilized in the processing to sweat. Each case is extraordinary and would be difficult to determine the how effective medicine, acupuncture and of herbs will be for you without a full evaluation. Contact please a licensed acupuncturist and to Oriental doctor in its area for a consultation.


The NOTE: The improper use of Chinese Herbs can be dangerous. Consult please with an acupuncturist and the hyperhidrosis hands licensed before taking some product of herbs.


What Points Are Utilized?


Each patient is custom-treated according to his extraordinary and specific diagnosis. The acupuncture and the medicine of Chinese herbs will treat rarely the symptom to sweat directly. There is, nevertheless, a few "symptomatic points" that that often are utilized in the combination to sweat.


* LONG ISLAND-4 (Hegu), K-7(Fuliu)- To sweat spontaneous. It would be utilized in the combination for regular energy (Qi) through the body, to empty the humidity and to calm the nervous system.

* IF-3 (Houxi) – For sweat at night.


What Way of life and the Dietary Changes I Should hyperhidrosis medication Do I?


You can do several things in its own one to reduce to sweat and body odor. The following suggestions can help:


1. Be bathed daily. Regulating that bathes they help to maintain the number of bacteria in the skin in the check.

2. Treat the techniques of the relaxation. Consider the techniques of the relaxation such as yoga, the meditation or the biofeedback. These they can help it to learn to control the emphasis that causes sweat.

3. Change its diet. If food or beverages cause that you sweat more than usual or the sweat to smell, to consider the beverages with caffeine that eliminate of its diet as well as food with strong smells, just as garlic and onions.

4. Choose the clothes of natural-fiber. Carry natural fabrics, just as cotton, the wool and the silk, that permit the skin to breathe. When do you exercise, you perhaps prefer fabrics of highly technology that maintains the humidity far from its skin.

5. Apply antitranspirants hyperhidrosis hands. In the hour to be gone to bed, apply antitranspirants to palms or sweaty soles of the feet. Antitranspirants of perfume-freed of test.

6. Dry the feet completely after you bathe. The microorganisms prosper in the humid spaces among fingers. The dust of the foot of the use OTC to help to absorb the sweat.

7. Choose shoes and the socks did of natural matters. The shoes did of natural matters, just as leather, can help to prevent sweaty feet permitting the feet to breathe.

8. Rotate its shoes. The shoes will not dry completely at night, so that the test for carry not the same pair two days in a row if you have the problem with sweaty feet.

9. Carry the right socks. The socks of the cotton and the wool help to maintain the feet dry because they absorb the humidity. When you are assets, humidity-wicking athletic socks are a good election.

10. Change the socks often. The socks of the change or waters with a sleeve a couple of times a day, drying the feet completely each time. The women can treat pantyhose with soles of cotton.

11. Air the feet. Go barefoot when you are able, or slips at least out of its shoes occasionally.


The find the Correct Doctor


Acupuncture and Oriental work of Medicine! But its experience with acupuncture will depend to a large extent in the doctor that you choose.

You want to find an acupuncturist with which you click. If you want and trusts its doctor, its encounter with acupuncture will be more positive.


You will want also to know about the acupuncturists that coach and they experience and what to expect of the processing acupuncture. Decide hyperhidrosis medication in the advance what their hopes are and discusses them with its acupuncturist. A chronic illness can need various months of the processing acupuncture to have a notable effect. If you are not happy with its progress, thinks about changing acupuncturists or verifies with its western doctor for the counsel about other options.


The clearest one you are about that is that treats him and exactly what the processing brings with himself, the more you will be able to be relaxed during the session and the benefit in this way old acupuncture of hyperhidrosis hands health care.
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