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Hyperhidrosis definition

The dermatologics in the AAD say that to sweat excessive is normal when a person is anxious or he has a fever. Nevertheless, to hyperhidrosis diagnosis sweat excessive can be a chronic condition and can indicate other medical conditions such as the problems of thyroid, the low levels of the Level of sugar in the blood, a disorder of nervous system, or the beginning of the menopause.


Sweating excessive is more than a temperate disgust that some people experience. According to the AAD, hyperhidrosis affects about 8 million Americans. Depending on where occurs in the body, hyperhidrosis has several options of the processing, inclusive trite agents such as Antitranspirants of prescription, the oral medicines, and the surgery. The antitranspirants of the prescription contain higher dose of the Active chloride of aluminum of ingredient. The hyperhidrosis definition irritation is the main effect of the side with antitranspirants of prescription such as Drysol (hexahydrate of chloride of aluminum).


In July 2004, the FDA approved Botox (toxin of toxin botulínica types A), a drug that is utilized to erase temporarily the wrinkles for cosmetic purposes, for treat to sweat severe of armpit (hyperhidrosis primary of axillary) that cannot be handled for trite agents. Available by the prescription only, toxin of toxin botulínica types AN is a protein produced by the toxin botulínica of the bacteria Clostridium. This protein works interrupting the chemical messages freed by the conclusions of nerve that say the gland sudarípara when to sweat.


It administered in the armpit, small dose of an injectable form of the sterile liberation purified of the toxin toxin stop hyperhidrosis diagnosis botulínica of the acetylcholine chemical of messenger that supplies nerves to the glands of the eccrine, with which paralyzing temporarily the nerves in the armpit that stimulates the production of the Sweat.


For Avoiding the possibility that processing of Botox can disguise a potentially serious illness, the FDA advises patients for to be evaluated by a doctor for other possible causes of sweating excessive. Botox is approved for the processing of the armpits, but not to sweat excessive of other places such as the feet and the palms .

The Myth of Cancer


The ascent of the Internet has done the easy for false claims of health, frightening histories, and the rumors to reach millona of people in a matter of minutes. One such myth It says that antitranspirants can cause the breast cancer.


According to the National Institute of the Cancer (NCI), the myth of antitranspirant of breast cancer appeared first in the shape of an e-mail in the nineties, and continues to cover and to hyperhidrosis definition about every year over there. The false information suggests that antitranspirants contain damaging substances, that can be absorbed for the skin or they can enter the body near the breasts by notches in the skin caused shaving. The e-mails suggested also that antitranspirants maintain a person of "sweating was toxins," having as They turned out the extension of carcinogenic toxins way the nodes of lymph.


But the NCI says that no to exist the scientific neither medical evidence ties the use of antitranspirants neither deodorant sobacales to the subsequent development of the Breast cancer. The FDA, the Dispensary of Mayonnaise, the American Company hyperhidrosis diagnosis of the Cancer (C.A.), and the Cosmetic, the Association of toiletry and Perfume agrees. The notches of the knife can enlarge the risk of the infection of skin, but not cancer.


According to the Ac , The glands sudaríparas are not connected to the nodes of the lymph. The majority of the cancers that causes that substances are removed for the kidneys, they are freed for the urine or by the liver, and they are eliminated with excreta. The Ac they say that to go nodes of lymph can help to empty some toxins of the hyperhidrosis definition Body, but of them do not they free these toxins by sweating. The sweat is not a significant route to eliminate toxins of the Body.


And a study of 813 women with the breast cancer and 703 women with any history of the breast cancer, published in the October 2002 matter of the Newspaper of the National Institute of the Cancer, found that antitranspirants do not they cause the breast cancer.

Some they speculate that the myth could have been begun for women for to be said not to carry antitranspirants neither deodorants before a mamograma. They were that said, not for reasons of security, but because residue of these products that appear in the x-ray is often erroneous for an abnormality in the breast.


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* Hyperhidrosis to sweat excessive the news holder article media Fund: Hyperhidrosis essential is characterized for the hypercritical of the nice fibers that pass for the ganglions upper-numbers (second and third parties hyperhidrosis definition ganglions [D2-D3]), excessive sweat antiperspirants and medications and the processing of the election they are sympathectomy video-helped of thoracoscopy. The modifications in the cardiopulmonary function after the processing have been reported.


Study the objective: To evaluate cardiopulmonary deterioration of function after sympathectomy in patients with hyperhidrosis essential.


The design and putting: The trial controlled future in a pulmonary unit of the function of a hospital of the university.


The patients: Twenty patients (2 men and 18 women) with hyperhidrosis essential. The measures and results: The pulmonary function tests, inclusive spirometry and volume excessive sweat antiperspirants and medication of gas, the bronchial challenge with methacholine, and with the exercise maximal, was carried out before and 3 months after sympathectomy D2-D3. Sympathectomy of video-helped was carried out utilizing a bilateral procedure an of the theater with hyperhidrosis diagnosis of ganglions D2-D3. The pulmonary function values (spirometrics and volumes) were not statistically different in the two groups. The flow maximal of midexpiratory was the only variable that showed the significant changes, of 101% (SD, 26%) to 92% (SD, 27%) [P < 0,05]. Ten patients had the positive bronchial results of the test of the challenge that remained positive 3 months after the surgery, and after 2 patients whose they challenge the results of the test were negatives before surgery came be positive after sympathectomy. The significant reductions in the rhythm of the heart maximal (HOUR) and receptions of oxygen and carbon dioxide they were observed during the test maximal of the exercise.


The conclusions: Thoracoscopy of video-helped is a sure processing, and the modifications observed in the cardiopulmonary function only suggest a small minimum modifications of the air route in the presence of hyperhidrosis definition bronchial positive and temperate nice blockade in HOUR. The clinical importance of these conclusions is not significant.


The key edits: the autonomous function; the cardiopulmonary function; hyperhidrosis essential; the exercise that tests; sympathectomy video-helped of thoracoscopic


The abbreviations: bpm = the blows per minute; D2-D3 = second and third parties ganglions excessive sweat antiperspirants and medications; HOUR = rhythm of the heart; kpm = kilopond-meters per minute; MMEF = the flow maximal hyperhidrosis definition of midexpiratory; [PD.sub.20] = dose of provocation of methacholine that causes a 20% of fall in RQ [FEV.sub.1]; = the respiratory quotient; TLC = the total pulmonary capacity; VC[O.sub.2] = the production of the carbon dioxide; V[O.sub.2] = reception of oxygen




Hyperhidrosis essential is characterized for sweating excessive of the palms, of the soles, and of armpits, caused by nice hypercritical of nervous system in the second and third parties ganglions excessive sweat antiperspirants and medications (D2-D3). (1) This exaggerated demonstration of the physiological answer to sweat (2) affects 1% from to the population. (3) the Processing by sympathectomy of thoracoscopic of video-helped, because the nice chain is interrupted in D2-D3 by electrocoagulation and triangulation, is insurance and effective. (4) Noppen et to the (5-7) reported the effects of such processing in the cardiopulmonary function, just as the reduction in [FEV.sub.1] and the total hyperhidrosis diagnosis pulmonary capacity (TLC), hyperresponsiveness bronchial, and a rhythm of the lower heart (HOUR) during the exercise maximal. The effects observed were attributed to the denervation surgical and they were compared to the effects of the processing with [beta]-blockers.


The patients with hyperhidrosis essential have autonomous deterioration of nervous system with a predominance of the nice system, and sympathectomy of thoracoscopic modifies the values of spirometric, producing a reduction in HOUR during testing maximal of exercise on account of the loss of the capacity of the nice nervous system to respond. The objective of our study was to value the effects of sympathectomy in the cardiopulmonary function before and after 3 months of the surgery and its clinical importance.






Twenty patients (18 women and 2 men) that had hyperhidrosis essential was studied for 5 years on a period of 2 years (signifies the age, 29 years; SD, 7,6 years; the range, 17 to 43 years). Nine patients were smokers, and a patient were a person that has left to smoke. The recognition was normal, and only two patients had a history of the asthma, although they were not treaties. Thirteen patients (65%) had hyperhidrosis severe in the hands and feet, and in 7 patients (35%) had hyperhidrosis in the armpits. On the whole, to sweat was persisted to the local processing with toxin of toxin botulínica and to the processing sistémico with the medicine of anticholinergic.


Study the Design


The ties of Spirometry and flow-volume they were measured before and 3 months after the surgery. Spirometry was carried out (Datospir 120; Sibelmed; Barcelona , Spain ) according to the standards of the Spanish Company of Pulmonology and the Surgery Thoracic. (9) at least three hyperhidrosis definition maneuvers were carried out, and the two better maneuvers reproducibles were registered. FVC and [FEV.sub.1] they were required to be reproducible inside 5%. We measure also the voluntary ventilation maximal. The volume excessive sweat antiperspirants and medication of the gas was measured (Medical of Sensor 2450 OR; SensorMedics; Bilthoven, the Netherlands ) according to the Spanish Company of Pulmonology and guidelines Thoracics of Surgery. (9) In the same day, we administer also a bronchial test of the challenge of methacholine that continues the guidelines of the European Respiratory Company. (10) A test of the dose-answer was carried out with growing dose of chlorohydrate of methacholine (hyperhidrosis diagnosis 0,1 to 32 mg/Ml) each 5 min. The provocation was stop if the highest concentration (32 mg/Ml) was tolerated, or if a 20% of fall in [FEV.sub.1] was induced; from there, the provocative dose of methacholine in which causes a 20% of fall 1 [FEV.sub hyperhidrosis definition.] ([PD.sub.20]) Was registered. In our laboratory, hyperresponsiveness bronchial is defined if the [PD.sub.20] is < 16 mg/Ml.

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