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How to cure hyperhidrosis

A time of the service from 40 minutes to 1 hour should be reserved for the procedure of chemodenervation -- 10 to 20 minutes to represent and to draw the areas of hyperhidrotic, 10 to 20 minutes for how to cure hyperhidrosis home remedies for hyperhidrosis administer BTX-A, and for 20 minutes for control the patient. The table 3 expositions the time of the personnel and the necessary medical equipment for the procedure.


Evaluation and patient monitoring


A diagnosis of hyperhidrosis primary of axillary is indicated when the patient exhibits to sweat focal, visible and excessive that has been progressive for at least 6 months and he is characterized for at least two of the Following thing: bilateral and relatively symmetrical, they damage the daily activities, the frequency of at least 1 episode to the week, the age of the beginning less than 25 years, of the positive history The family, and of the unemployment during the dream (25). The HDSS (Postpones 1) can be utilized to determine the extent to which hyperhidrosis intervenes with daily activities. The processing with BTX-AN is recommended for patients that have failed the initial therapy with antitranspirants of highly-force of topic (ie, hexahydrate of chloride of aluminum). The clinical they should educate patients in the appropriate use of these agents to carry to the maximum one tolerability (25).


Determining the severity of hyperhidrosis and to value the efficacy of the processing with the time is key in treating patients with hyperhidrosis. Generally, the patients are valued in the initial visit of the office and then 7 to 10 days after the processing. The evaluations of the line of fund can help to determine the severity of hyperhidrosis and thus the type of the processing needed. The evaluations of the post-processing provide information in the efficacy of the processing and the need for the re-processing. In rare patients of cases can show the incomplete results for 7 to 10 days after the processing. This indicates home remedies for hyperhidrosis generally that some areas to sweat were lost during the administration of BTX-AN or that the injection was placed the wrong airplane of the skin. If this occurs, the camera of axillary should be remapped the test of the iodine-starch of Smaller how to cure hyperhidrosis that utilizes to be represented the area of hyperhidrotic and the patient should be the retreat.


The evaluation Equipaa with tool




The HDSS is a single article validated and sure the scale of 4 points to value the severity of hyperhidrosis in which patient or doctors value the tolerability of patient of symptoms of hyperhidrosis and the extent to which intervenes with daily activities (22) (Postpones 1). An account of 3 or 4 (hyperhidrosis is barely tolerable or intolerable and frequently or always intervenes with daily activities) indicates hyperhidrosis that requires the processing. The goal of the processing is to move patients to a 1 or 2 in this scale (to sweat is tolerable and intervenes, in worse, only at times with daily activities). Since the HDSS consists of only a question, can be completed quickly and easily. When so, it is a practical instrument to diagnose the severity of hyperhidrosis and to determine the efficacy of the processing and when the re-processing is needed.


Another evaluation equipaa with tool


The Questionnaire of the Impact of Hyperhidrosis (HHIQ), the Indicate of the Quality of the Life of the Dermatology (DLQI), and the Intrusion of the Illness that Values the Scale (IIRS) are the evaluations patient-reported, validated and additional that can be useful in practice clinical and in the clinical investigation with patients with hyperhidrosis. The HHIQ is an index hyperhidrosis specific complete that evaluates the associated deterioration with hyperhidrosis in four controls -- professional, physical, emotional, and social -- utilizing a module of 41 articles of the line of fund and a module of 10 articles of monitoring (completed in various times) (26). The DLQI is a questionnaire car reported that is utilized extensively to value the effect of dermatological illnesses in the quality health-related of the life (27). The IIRS is a measure more general of the quality of health-related of the life. Nevertheless, it has been validated in how to cure hyperhidrosis a population of patients with hyperhidrosis (28).


The measure gravimétrica of sweated the production


The uses gravimétricos of the measure filter role to quantify the secreción of the sweat. With this method, filter paper of preweighed is applied to the area affected and the rate of the production of the sweat is calculated as the change in the mass of the filter paper with the time (generally 5 minutes). This type of the measure is intensive time and is not routinely neither practically carried out in practice clinical, for to be reserved almost exclusively for purposes home remedies for hyperhidrosis of investigation. While it appears that this method should provide a quantitative evaluation to sweat, has the characteristics that can do informal in practice clinical. First, since there can be the considerable changeability of intrapatient to sweat, this remote measure cannot reflect exactly the symptoms of patient; to sweat can be still totally absent in some patients in some times of the evaluation (4). Besides, the measures gravimétricas can underestimate or they can overestimate to sweat, to depend on the area covered for the filter paper, and, because there is not the normal range established to sweat based on the evaluation gravimétrica, the results can be difficult to interpret.


The summary the short-term result of sympathectomy of thoracoscopic is excellent. A majority of patients enjoys tepid and dry hands immediately after surgery. The results of sympathectomy of thoracoscopic reported in recent literatures indicates the excellent improvement (98%) effective most minimum sideways. When it Postpones 1 indicates, only 2% (37 patients out of 1881) did not report the beneficial effects of the surgery. The long-term improvements reported by Zacherl show a 98% of rate of the relief of all patients after a 16 years monitoring period.


Chemodenervation of glands sudaríparas with BTX-AN is a valuable option of the processing in the armament of the processing of dermatologic, as full a large inappropriate need in the processing of hyperhidrosis focal primary providing a sure therapy and cash for this often weakening the medical condition. The components of the processing of BTX-AN include to represent and cartography of the area of hyperhidrotic, placing appropriate the injections, and to control the patient. This procedure is an ability learned that will require that the doctor is well-versado in the cutaneous anatomy and is coached in the appropriate procedure of cartography and techniques of injection. This is that the cartography and the crucial, as improper administration can have as a result a lack of the efficacy how to cure hyperhidrosis or an incomplete benefit. After the appropriate instruction, nevertheless, the doctor can expect insurance and lasting has home remedies for hyperhidrosis as a result patient with hyperhidrosis primary of axillary. # it eats neither drinks nothing includes water after the midnight the day of its surgery unless educated of different form by doctor Baumgartner or the anesthesiologist.

# You should be bathed or should water the morning of the surgery. This will help it to be felt refreshed thus as It reduces the risk of contagion. It be brushed the teeth but be careful for swallow not the water.

# it Fixes for an adult to handle him at home. We will be happy to contact the person you appoint when you is ready to leave the Center After its procedure.


The table 1. The Scale of the Severity of the Illness of Hyperhidrosis (HDSS) the Question: How would value you the severity of its hyperhidrosis? Border My [armpit] to sweat is never notable and never intervenes with my daily activities. 1 My [armpit] to sweat is tolerable but intervenes at times with my daily activities. 2 My [armpit] to sweat is barely tolerable and intervenes frequently with my daily activities. 3 My [armpit] to sweat is intolerable and always intervenes with my daily activities. 4 [] it indicates the editing alternative for patients of axillary that can be changed for patients with sweating in other focal locations.


The table 2. The Volume of the Injection of Axillary by the Number of the injection places/axilla Injection Places Number Approaches the volume (the place of injection mL)/ 10 0,20 12 0,17 14 0,14 16 0,13 18 0,11 20 0,10


The table 3. AproxímeTiempo of the Personnel and Matters Required in Axillary Chemodenervation to Represent Preparation Procedure Patient and BTX-A **OVERFLOW** to the Doctor of the administration of area of hyperhidrotic 10-20 min 10-20 Nurse of min 10 min 10 Patient of min 10-20 min 10-20 min the Patient Starch of the Team of the Procedure of Preparation 0,9% not- preserved salino and Supply Iodine 5 syringe of ML for Gauze of G of needle of transfer 1 syringes of ML (4) Brushes needles of 30 G (4) Dermographic The home remedies for hyperhidrosis alcohol quilts and afelpa to Post-Procedure Evaluation Patient that controls Total Doctor of time 10 min 30-50 Nurse of min 10 min 30 Patient of min 20 min 40-60 Team of min and Supplies *For all steps: The table of the exam and the processing, role of exam, how to cure hyperhidrosis and the robe.

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