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Focal hyperhidrosis

Allergan has received the Administration of Food and Drug (FDA) the Toxin Toxin approval botulínica Types A (Botox) focal hyperhidrosis for the processing of hyperhidrosis of axillary that is persisted to trite processing generalized hyperhidrosis. Botox already has been approved for various other purposes inclusive the processing of moderate to severe lines of frown of glabellar. It has been approved for the hyperhidrosis in Canada for more than two years and has been utilized of-label for this indication in the United States . Toxin of toxin botulínica Types AN is a protein produced by the toxin botulínica of the bacteria Clostridium. Treating when is used hyperhidrosis primary of axillary, small dose of an injectable form of the sterile liberation purified of toxin toxin stop botulínica of acetylcholine, blocking temporarily the nerves in the axillae that stimulates to sweat. About 8 million Americans suffer of the Hyperhidrosis. For Some, the extreme sweat is limited to the armpits. The other, they want Gualandi, has hands or super-sweaty feet.


Sweating excessive may be shaming and even can intervene with daily activities. "I always felt to greet uncomfortable to people or carrying still sandals in the summer," Gualandi said.


Some people can control their hyperhidrosis with an antitranspirant of doctor-prescribed. An antitranspirant is an aluminum-containing composed that goes more slowly the production of the Sweat.


Many deodorants contain antitranspirants. When do you strike some Excess of Arrid Dry in the skin, the focal hyperhidrosis glands sudaríparas take the atoms of aluminum. When the aluminum changes to the glands, they draw water in with himself, doing the glands swell and they press closed so that the sweat cannot escape.


The antitranspirants of doctor-prescribed contain the highest levels of the precincts of aluminum. They generalized hyperhidrosis are better in the to block glands sudaríparas that the varieties without prescription.




The antitranspirants of the not always even prescription hyperhidrosis, especially in places such as The hands and the feet. A procedure called iontophoresis is another option, one that has worked for Gualandi. She soaks the hands and the feet in the current tepid water while he is loaded with an electric current. The processing does not hurt; cause only a sensation that senti swarming in the skin.


The investigators are not sure how do I work of iontophoresis, but they believe that the current blocks of some way the glands sudaríparas temporarily. Gualandi possesses its own machine of iontophoresis. Utilize it every other day for two weeks limits its to sweat for the next six weeks. "My life with hyperhidrosis had been really bad," she said, "until I finally he found [iontophoresis]."


Other hypermarket-sweaters have experienced the improvements after obtaining injections of Botox, a drug that is at present all the rage to fight the wrinkles. Botox is a form diluted and purified of a toxin produced by the bacteria of toxin botulínica of Clostridium. When the drug is injected in the skin, weakens or paralyzes nerves. Botox that focal hyperhidrosis injects in the front paralyzes facial muscles and levels the wrinkles. Stall it in the armpits or hands paralyzes the nerves that stimulate glands sudaríparas.


The shots of Botox can hurt but they can have few effects of the side. The to set is temporary, nevertheless, and the majority of the people they need generalized hyperhidrosis to repeat the shots each six months to maintain over there their glands sudaríparas in the check.




For a permanent solution, some overperspirers has rotated to the surgery. In a procedure called sympathectomy excessive sweat antiperspirants and medication endoscopic (ET), a surgeon cuts the nerves that regulate the glands sudaríparas. The signs of the nerve no longer can reach the glands, so that the patient remains dry.


When with any surgery, ET has the risks. The inexperienced doctors can damage accidentally a blood vessels of patient or other nerves. Some patients develop to sweat compensatory after the surgery. They not more long sweat in the areas where the surgery was carried out, but they sweat in parts of the body that remained dry.


With so many available processing to remain dry these days, they are easier than never to live on agreement for to that popular motto: Never permit that they veanle sweats. The return to Surpass




Thousands of tiny glands pump was sweat.


A typical human body has about 3 million glands sudaríparas, that enters two types -- glands of eccrine and glands of apocrine. Both types are regulated by the nervous system of symphatetic, a branch of the nervous system that acts involuntarily and often is activated for the emphasis. The hot time, the exercise, and the agitation that all can be rotated up the nervous system of symphatetic, generalized hyperhidrosis kicking the glands sudaríparas in the gear. When sweat evaporates of the skin, removes the excess the heat of the body and refreshes the body.


The glands of Eccrine are located all over the human body (inclusive the armpits) and they do the majority of the sweat. The openings in the surface of the skin, called pores, the sweat of eccrine of liberation.


The glands of Apocrine are limited in their greater part to the armpits and they come be assets in the pubertad. They to slopes in capillary follicles, the protective markets in the skin of which hair develop and they grow. So much the sweat of eccrine as apocrine contains water and you leave, but the sweat of apocrine includes also the proteins and the greasy acids. The bacteria in the broken skin the proteins and the focal hyperhidrosis greasy acids, freeing the byproducts that smell. That smells is known better as body odor.


I challenge of vocabulary


The equal each word or express train with its correct description. Write the letter of the correct description in the white one provided.


1. Botox

2. antitranspirant

3. hyperhidrosis

4. reflects

5. nice

6. to sweat compensatory

7. glands of eccrine

8. capillary follicle

9. glands of apocrine

10. iontophoresis


* to sweat excessive caused by glands sudaríparas hyperactive

* an aluminum-containing composed that loosens the production of the sweat

* a drug erased the wrinkles or paralyzes glands sudaríparas

* glands found in its greater part in the armpits, that produces the sweat that contains greasy acids and proteins

* glands found all over the body that does the majority of the sweat

* an opening in the surface of the skin

* the protective market that a hair develops and grows

* a branch of the nervous system that acts involuntarily and often is activated for the emphasis

* a procedure to limit to sweat in which an electric current is charged the skin

* sweating in previously dry areas of the body that occurs after the surgery to block glands sudaríparas

* 1. C, 2. B, 3. A, 4. F, 5. H, 6. J, 7. And, 8. G, 9. D, 10. I



The approval of FDA of Botox for the hyperhidrosis was based on two randomized, the double blind one, placebo-controlled, multicenter the clinical trials that imply more than 600 adults. The subjects that received Botox had reduced significantly to sweat of armpit in comparison with the group of placebo. In a study, 91% of subjects in the arm of the processing showed a 50% of reduction to sweat in four weeks compared to 36% in the group of placebo. Another study showed an average duration of the answer of 170 days that continue a processing. The events more common adverse continuing injection (occurring generalized hyperhidrosis in 3-10% of patients) the pain included of the place of injection and hemorrhage, sweating in other parts of the body, of the symptoms of flu-wants, of the headache, of the fever, of stinging, and of the anxiety.


They to be tried before for the hyperhidrosis primary of axillary, is recommended that patient to be evaluated for other focal hyperhidrosis potential causes of hyperhidrosis, just as the hipertiroidismo.

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