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Define hyperhidrosis

Axillary Hyperhidrosis implies the extreme, dripping the sweat in the armpits, with the constant smell that is generally define hyperhidrosis resistant to all deodorants. Sweating of Axillary can be present, alone, or in conjunction with any or all the other types of hyperhidrosis. The victims are prevented to carry certain definition of hyperhidrosis fabrics and the colors because the causes of the sweat that stain and to be rotted of the clothes. The on-stimulates nice of the nervous system the glands sudaríparas, causing the hyperhidrosis. This condition can be aggravated for the anxiety, but can occur without it. Each patient has to be evaluated individually, to determine if they are candidates for the ET the procedure. Hyperhidrosis primary he occurs in answer to the emphasis of the psychologic and emotional stimuli. He implies generally the palms, the soles and axillae and he can carry to the humidity and to stain of clothes, humid hands, the infection and the blisters of the plant. For some people, to sweat he can be so excessive that carries to the social isolation, low own love or still to the medical illness. Manusov and Nadeau revise the pathophysiology and the processing of hyperhidrosis.


The production of the sweat is controlled circulating catecholamines and the autonomous nervous system. The quantity to sweat is modulated also by local physical variables, the temperature just as localities of skin, the humidity and the blood irrigation. The rate of the extremely variable define hyperhidrosis sweat among individuals and seems to be a function of the habituation, the sex, the age and, possibly, the diet.


The processing of hyperhidrosis has been disappointing. The processing travels through of the trite medicine to the surgical dissemination of the sympathectomy and the axillary (sees table). The trite medicines should be utilized before other interventions are you considered. The trite agent preferred is chloride of aluminum. It has been generally successful and generally is tolerated well. Glutaraldehyde and acid tánico are troops for the control from of definition of hyperhidrosis the plant and hyperhidrosis of palm grove, although they cause to stain of Brown of the skin. The most aggressive therapy includes the medicines of anticholinergic, alpha-adrenergic that blocks agents and sympathectomy surgical.


The processing of Hyperhidrosis

Trite medicine

Chloride of aluminum


Iontophoresis Anticholinergics acid tánico Surgical

Eradication of Axillary

The Methods of Sympathectomy: In the period from June to December 1998, fifty patients experienced T-3 sympathicotomy for the hyperhidrosis of palm grove or remote (n=37) or in the combination with hyperhidrosis of axillary (n=13). Two patients of a remote type were occurred again the cases after subject to T-2 sympathectomy. The distribution of the kind was 24 wrongs and 26 females, and the bad age were 20 years. The bilateral one T-3 nice trunks were cut utilizing 2 scissors of electrocoagulation of Mm for a remote type. T-4 nice trunks were included bilateral for a type combined. A lineal analogous scale was utilized to value the degree to sweat in the palms, in the face, in the trunk, and in the feet (traveled through 0 to 10; 0 = anhidrosis vs. 10 to sweat excessive) as well as the satisfaction of patient with the surgery (traveled through 0 to 10; 0 = grief vs. 10 = completely satisfied). The medium period of monitoring was 4,3 months.


The results: All patients were alleviated of the hyperhidrosis of palm grove. A bad account of the production of the sweat of palm grove after T-3 define hyperhidrosis sympathicotomy was 1,5 [+ or -] 0,8. Some compensatory degree to sweat had occurred in 39 (78%) patient with a bad account of 3,4 [+ or -] 1,6. Sweating taste occurred in 2 (4%) patient. A bad account of the satisfaction of patient with the surgery was 8,5 [+ or -] 1,2.


The conclusion: Hyperhidrosis of palm grove can be alleviated successfully by sympathicotomy T3, that is favorably comparable with the results of sympathicotomy T2.


The clinical Implications: When about advantages of better conservation of the facial nice function, less severe compensatory occurrence to sweat, and of the incident more taste drop to sweat that sympathicotomy T2, we would recommend sympathicotomy T3 as a processing of the election for the hyperhidrosis of palm grove.


When a man carries a suit of jacket and is bothered for the condition of hyperhidrosis of axillary (armpit that sweats), he often decides that he has to leave the jacket in, always, because the sweat of its armpits will soak for its shirt. (Some patients complain they have to change shirts two to three times, during the day)! A woman with this disorder will not be able to carry delicate fabrics such as Silk, because the sweat they will leave very notable, wet the rings under its armaments. The excessive confusion of causes that sweats and does peoplel feels less sure about itself.


This condition begins generally around the adolescence, nevertheless, some cases are done patent in the years preadolescentes. The children can be very cruel one to the other with bothering the observations, that intensifies the anxiety definition of hyperhidrosis endured upon crossing the phase of growing. There it can be a feeling of despair because they do not think there is solution to their problem, therefore, still more them cutting off from its equals. They do neither they have the value to discuss this condition with its family because they think that they are the unique some affected by this. At times, the parents only notify its grief of children after the condition have them been hindering during various years. The parents notify the lack of the social interaction, of the misfortune, and of low own love. At this time, they can consult a professional.


Before about procedure of theETS (Sympathectomy Excessive sweat antiperspirants and medication Endoscopic), is important for the patient treat other media to control the to sweat extreme of the armpits. Some patients can be helped, temporarily, by the use of Drysol®, a trite and strong lotion that contains hexahydrate of chloride of aluminum. This is applied at night and washed in the morning. Basically, Drysol® and other products without prescription want Drysol® stalls the pores, so that its efficacy will be diminished, in the time. Drysol® define hyperhidrosis can cause irritation to the skin, or to a sensation of the Ardor, in which packs, definition of hyperhidrosis the patient should discontinue the use.
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