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Cure for hyperhidrosis

Few things can be harder for a youth that is different, especially when that difference is due to a to shame and to isolate cure for hyperhidrosis the condition as hyperhidrosis, or like to sweat excessive. This condition can affect all of the clothes that one carries to the activities that one can enjoy, and often takes a young psychological toll that have compensatory hyperhidrosis.


Speaking today in the Annual Meeting 64 of the American Academy of the Dermatology, the dermatologic Dee Anna Glaser, M.D., the vice president of the department of the dermatology in the School of the University of Holy Louis of the Medicine in the S. Louis, Mo., discussed the impact of hyperhidrosis in youths and how the condition can be treated really.


"Young already they are concerned about harmonizing with its equals," Dr. Glaser said. "To have a condition as hyperhidrosis during can have this time a negative impact in the own love, that can carry to more serious matters like the social isolation, the anxiety, the paranoia and the depression," Dr. Glaser compensatory hyperhidrosis said.


Hyperhidrosis is a chronic medical disorder that has as a result the production of the excessive sweat. Once it thought to be rare, a recent study determined that the condition affects really approximately 2,8 percent of the population of United States , or 7,8 million people. The condition can cause to sweat heavy in the palms of the hands, the armpits and the soles of the feet.


"Patient they can find that its heavy causes the constant confusion that sweats," Dr. Glaser said cure for hyperhidrosis. "Because the sweat has a negative connotation in our company, they can begin to avoid the social situations where someone can notify that they have a problem that sweats. Their work of the school can be affected also because they do not want to raise the hands. For youths, this can impress its emotional welfare.


A recent study carried out by Dr. Glaser showed that the 83 percent of its patients with hyperhidrosis reported that its condition began in or before they rotated 19, with the Middle Ages of the beginning between 14 and 15 years of the age.


Unfortunately, this it is not a condition that you "can grow more than," so is essential that a person that develop the appropriate processing of a dermatologic obtains her.


The first line of the processing is a product anti perspirant. The work anti perspirants covering the conduits of the sweat, that reduces the quantity of the sweat that reaches the skin. Hardly, the compensatory hyperhidrosis anti perspirants can be combined also with other processing such as iontophoresis, the surgery and toxin toxin injections botulínica to help to handle the condition.


Iontophoresis is a procedure in which waters carries out an electric current of an electronic device by the surface of skin, thus inhibiting the sweat the production. The technique has been utilized successfully since the fifties, and the studies indicate that the 83 percent of people dealt with water iontophoresis current responds well. After a series of processing, the patients can need a processing of the conservation each one to four weeks to maintain hyperhidrosis low control.


Sympathectomy excessive sweat antiperspirants and medication endoscopic, or ET the surgery, is proposed to interrupt the signs of nerve of the backbone to the glands sudaríparas, with which preventing the glands sudaríparas of working. It has been shown to be successful to treat hyperhidrosis of the palms, but has a high risk of sideways effects.


Toxin of toxin botulínica types A was approved to treat hyperhidrosis by the US . The food and Drugs the Administration (FDA) in 2004 and the work blocking the nerves that stimulate glands sudaríparas. The processing can be carried out in the office of doctor and the results can last to seven months. The offensive body odor is illegal in libraries in San County of Luis Bishop, Calif. A code of conduit, the officials say, they cure for hyperhidrosis are necessary to assure that that right of person for utilize a public library does not violate the rights of another and the police officers have the authority for remove the library sponsors that smell evil.


An extreme measure? Perhaps. But the social knowledge, matched with the availability of reliable personal products of care, can be a way more practice to have body odor in the bay.


The agency defines compensatory hyperhidrosis as a product of drug applied tritely that reduces the production of the sweat (sweat) in the place where is applied it. The antitranspirants, according to the Administration of Food and Drug, they are able reduces really and surely the sweat to 24 hours, if formulated and tested appropriate. And for the majority of the, this signifies the protection against so much against the humidity as the smell.


The FDA published a final rule in June 2003 conditions that establish under which without prescription (OTC) antitranspirants are recognized generally as insurance and effective (GRASE), and they are not misbranded. The final rule establishes ingredients and to mark admissible for the products.


In October 2004, the agency opened again the registration in this final rule to consider an order of the manufacturer for cure for hyperhidrosis duplicate the time limit of time -- from 24 hours to 48 hours -- during that an antitranspirant of OTC is considered for be cash. The order in this case, called a claim enlarged of the duration, applies upon testing and to mark of this private claim.


Matthew R. Holman, Ph.d., a scientist of FDA in the Division of Products without prescription of Drug, says that the agency needs the scientific evidence that extended the duration the products works. "The manufacturers have that to the up the back such claims with studies," he says. The FDA should be satisfied that the to test is valid for 48 hours.


Under the Federal Food, under the Drug, and under the Cosmetic Act, the FDA defines legally the products by its uses destined. Therefore, the drugs are you defined as products destined for the illness to treat or to prevent or to affect the structure or any function of the body. The antitranspirants are you considered the drugs because they affect the function of the body reducing the quantity of the sweat that reaches the skin.


But the laws and the different regulations apply to each type of the product. Some products, for example, they should be comply with the requirements for so much for the drugs as the cosmetics. This happens when a product has two uses destined, for example, when an antitranspirant is also a compensatory hyperhidrosis deodorant. The cosmetics are you defined as substances that clean, they beautify, they promote the attraction, or they alter the appearance, without affecting the structure of the body or the function. The deodorants are regulated as cosmetics because they promote the attraction only disguising the smell, not reducing the sweat.


As opposed to drugs, neither the cosmetic products neither cosmetic ingredients are revised neither they are approved for the FDA before they cure for hyperhidrosis are sold. But the agency coaxes the manufacturers to do any to test necessary to show that their products are insurances. And cosmetic manufacturers should put a statement of the warning in the previous labels of those products that has not been tested surely. The agency can take measures against cosmetic products found to do damage after they be in the market.


"A dermatologic can choose the appropriate processing for the youth and the work with him or she to help to understand the condition and its processing," Dr. Glaser said.


Dr. Glaser recommends that the following tips for patients help to handle their condition:


* It Chooses the clothes that you will maintain refresh you. The natural fibers want that cotton be fresh, but they absorb the sweat and they can remain humid once they are wet. While synthetic fibers can be tepid, they draw the sweat far from the body and feels dry. You can find it more comfortable to have a change of the available clothes during the day.

* If the feet are affected, the test that utilizes absorbent shoes of staffs and departure to dry before that carrying the same pair in consecutive days.

* It Avoids food and beverages that seem to cause its to sweat. These they are different for all and for you will know probably what causes the problems for you.

* The Enfasis, the tension and the anxiety are common for all, although people with hyperhidrosis have difficulties extra that confront to sweat. It be chirped about how can you reduce the emphasis during the day, plans its activities with care and the test compensatory hyperhidrosis for time ago to be relaxed.


The youths with hyperhidrosis can find the difficult to explain how the condition affects her lives its family or friends. "I encourage my patients of youth to speak about how hyperhidrosis affects them because cure for hyperhidrosis that is an important part of the process of the processing," Dr. Glaser said. "Besides providing the processing to alleviate the physical symptoms of the condition, a dermatologic can be referred a patient to a group of the support or another resource for obtain aid for the psychological symptoms".

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