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Craniofacial hyperhidrosis

The figures 1 and 2 presents the results media by the periods of the processing for each subject. Two of the people with extremity amputated superiors of the member showed a general decrease in the sweat while cures for hyperhidrosis the third did not indicate change (Figure 1). For the person with lower extremity amputated of member holds the results that vary occurred but all indicated a craniofacial hyperhidrosis posttreatment lower of the value of the sweat that pretreatment (Figure 2).


Posttreatment lower of value of sweat that pretreatment (Figure 2).

When the media of group were you determined for the upper member holds the following results they were obtained: 367 mg. (Pretreatment), 255 mg. (The processing), and 113 mg. (Posttreatment). For the lower member holds the results they were: 129 mg. (Pretreatment), 102 mg. (The processing), and 71 mg. (Posttreatment). The results show a tendency of the reduction of the sweat on the ten weeks for each group of children.


The return to Surpass




The purpose of this investigation was to determine the efficacy of the device of Drionic to alleviate hyperhidrosis. In the present investigation, although the number of subjects to be limited, the measure of the volume of the sweat of the stumps of the children of person with extremity amputated of sample showed a tendency to sweat reduced to indicate that the machine of Drionic was cash. These results are comparable to the studies of the iontophoresis of Shen et to the., (6 1990), Dahl, cures for hyperhidrosis and Glent-Madsen (7 1989). that The first study reported that patient older than they experienced the processing in the most craniofacial hyperhidrosis fresh time they had the most favorable results while the second study indicated that after the processing with water iontophoresis current in the hyperhidrosis of pilgrim, 6 patients showed the reduction Of the sweat.


The age of the subjects that completed this study was among eight to eighteen years. The attempts to utilize the machine with various younger children three, four, and five years of the age were carried out, two were down the people with extremity amputated of knee and one they were a person with extremity amputated underneath of-elbow. These younger children complained about the unpleasant sensation of the current, they would not cooperate during the 30 session of the processing of minute, and they would not be able to reach the voltaje maximum. These reactions caused that their parents did not desire to continue with the study. It based on its experience, is believed that this machine would be imprudent for younger children. The measures of the result were valued utilizing the Questionnaire of the Impact of Hyperhidrosis (HHIQ) and the Medical Results Trust Forms Short the Inspection of 12 Health (SF-12). The patients completed the HHIQ in the line of fund, and in all visits planned: The week 1, 4, 8, 12, and 16. The questionnaire values articles of impact such as the effect of hyperhidrosis in the employment and productivity, the daily frequency to bathe and changes of clothes, and daily time spent treating hyperhidrosis. The emotional impact of hyperhidrosis and limitations in the everyday life and hobbies is valued also. The patient QOL was valued also utilizing the SF-12 questionnaire that directs the views of patient about its general health, the physical activity, the emotional health, in person pain and to function social.


In the line of fund, the participants reported generally a negative impact marked of hyperhidrosis in their quality of the life (inclusive the position and emotional limitations to take part in the social and daily activities). Those patients that had received BTX-A showed a statistically significant improvement in their quality of the life in comparison with the cures for hyperhidrosis group of placebo. The results were seen as early as a week that continues the initiation of the therapy and continued for 16 announces-processing of weeks. This study maintains the belief that that hyperhidrosis causes interruption that considerable in a life of patient and personal processing and professional with BTX-AN improvement notably the quality of the life for these patients.


The daily results of the newspaper were not included in this report since there was not consistency of the cover by any of the subject to bias of the study. All subjects reported a temperate inconvenience "pins and needle" the sensation of the current. None of the six children included in the study had any problem that reaches the highest placement craniofacial hyperhidrosis for the voltaje inside the first week of the processing. All children received a temperate erythema in its stumps under both of the cushions of the processing, cures for hyperhidrosis but this rojez dissipated quickly. None children received any undoes cutaneous irritations during the four weeks of the processing. All subjects reported a coherent one carrying the guideline of their prosthesis during this time, and none reported that they had to remove their earlier prosthesis than usual should to bother. It should be noted that none of the to test happened during the months of the summer.


The original design of the study was to continue to test the weekly subjects continuing the phase of the processing to see when the volume of the sweat enlarged to its levels of the original one with which reckoning the effects of the processing. Unfortunately, the conformity of the subjects was a problem and continuing it collected of more weekly data was not practical. The study was therefore concluded in ten weeks (three posttreatment of weeks) and as a consequence craniofacial hyperhidrosis, the time limit of time that the effect of the processing persisted was not determined.

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