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Cost of hyperhidrosis

Various dermatological syndromes inclusive hyperkeratosis of palm grove, erythema revives, and nigricans of acanthosis they have been reported jointly with neoplasms pulmonary. [1] The majority of cases of hyperhidrosis located or unilateral has been reported jointly with the organic cost of hyperhidrosis illness of nervous system inclusive the cerebral illness vascular, the illness of the spinal cord, cranial hyperhidrosis and peripheral neuropathy. [2] Besides, there has been the reports of hyperhidrosis of multisegmental they associated with the participation of the trunk or postganglionic nice nice fibers by The harmful tumors, especially mesothelioma. [2-9] This is a report a comfort of hyperhidrosis of dermatomal in a patient with a contralateral adenocarcinoma pulmonary primary.




A 38-year-old man was confessed the hospital of mosaic for the evaluation of an effusion of pericardial of hemorrhagic. The it was referred of another hospital where he presented originally with complaints of dyspnea, edema of the legs, and of the abdominal pain of the recent beginning. The symptoms were alleviated by the evacuation of 1.000 ML of the liquid of pericardial of hemorrhagic; ningunas harmful cells were found.


The smoked a package of cigarettes a day from its 16 to the year 36 of the age. Its father died of the lung cancer at the age of 62. His passed medical history did not reveal the abnormalities less to sweat enlarged in the correct side of the tórax on the effort neither during hot time with the saturation located of its clothes. The to sweat was not related to be hungry, to eat, or the dream. This problem had been present by almost 2 years. The did not have the problems with hair, with the nails, neither with the teeth.


The recognition revealed maceration of the skin that implies the seventh one dermatome correct sideways excessive sweat antiperspirants and medication. The additional study with the use of a cranial hyperhidrosis technique previously described of the starch-iodine [10] confirmed the hyperhidrosis located (Fig 1). No hypohidrosis neither hyperhydrosis were observed in other areas, inclusive the axillae, the palms, the soles, and the tórax of contralateral, illustrating a function of another normal way and uniform of gland sudarípara.


A MRI of the cost of hyperhidrosis column number did not reveal anomalies of the spinal cord of mosaic, of the backbone, neither of the structures of paravertebral. A radiógrafo of the chest showed a nodule of approximately 1 cm of diameter in the subsequent segment of the upper lobe of the left lung. A CT examines of the tórax confirmed this find and the absence of adenopathy pleural of participation and mediastinal (Fig 2). The subsequent aspiration of pericardial due to the accumulation of the liquid of pericardial finally yielded the harmful cells. The it experienced subsequently a fenestration of pericardial to persist the liquid of pericardial; the specimen of biopsy taken confirmed at that time the diagnosis of an adenocarcinoma badly differentiated. An extensive search for an extrapulmonary the primary place of the tumor, inclusive a CT examines of the abdomen and ultrasonido of the prostate and of the gland of thyroid, did not reveal the place. CT examines of the brain and exam of scintigraphic of entire-body of the skeleton did not reveal the metastatic illness. In spite of the administration of the chemotherapy of the combination, the patient died of the widespread tumor 4 months after the diagnosis. Autopsy revealed the extensive participation of both lungs, of the pericardium, of the retroperitoneum, and of the pleura, inclusive the nice region of trunk.


The DISCUSION the majority of the people with youthful extremity amputated that carry one or more artificial members have the problems with sweat of excess (hyperhidrosis) of the stump inside the electrical socket protésico. Appears to be the most common reason for the elimination of the prosthesis before the end of the day. The increase of the sweat can have as a result various disorders of skin that can cause an interruption in the carrying daily the guideline of the prosthesis. The quantity of sweat varies of the boy to the boy and appears also to be related to various factors: (1) area of member implied, (2) the design of the electrical socket, (3) the matter of the electrical socket, (4) carrying time, (5) the level of the activity of boy, and (6) the season of the year. Thus, it is of the considerable clinical interest to explore the methods to reduce sweat to enlarge carrying time. Since 1984, a compact machine of iontophoretic called the "Drionic Special Device of Applications for the Person with extremity amputated" has been available for the processing of hyperhidrosis of people with extremity amputated. Various studies have shown that a similar device of Drionic appears to be useful in the cost of hyperhidrosis processing of hyperhidrosis of the axillae, the palms, and the Literature soles.1-3,6,7 to maintain the efficacy of the Unit of Drionic in the processing of hyperhidrosis in people with extremity amputated, nevertheless, could not be found. The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of the device of Drionic to alleviate hyperhidrosis in youthful patients of person with extremity amputated.




Six children between the ages of eight and eighteen years were offered to take part in this study. Three they were people with extremity amputated of belowelbow and three were people with lower extremity amputated of member (two amputaciones had underneath of-knee and a boy had an amputación of aboveknee). Each subject carried one or more prosthesis in a coherent one carrying the guideline and complained of sweating the problems. The six children and its parents were familiarized with the Unit of Drionic cranial hyperhidrosis and procedures of the study before signing a hospital approved form of consent.


An A B A design was chosen. The first one A (pretreatment test) represented the absence of the period of the processing or the line of fund of Drionic, B (the processing tests) represented the daily active processing with the machine, and with the second A (posttreatment test) was the period of monitoring to determine how long the effects of the processing persisted.


The measures of the sweat were taken weekly in the Hospital of Children of Alberto during three phases. For the purposes of this study, the quantitative readings of the sweat were measures by the use of role of Wattman 7 cm, of diameter. This filter paper is utilized clinically for chloride of sweat that tests and was weighed before applying it to the air clean stump dried and insured in the position with a plastic market that enclosed the entire stump. The area of the stump to that the role of Wattman was applied various for each patient but was placed coherently for each patient. The electrical socket protésico cleaned was reapplied on the market and carried for exactly thirty minutes while the boy was implied in a calm, be sat down the activity. The role of Wattman was reweighed immediately after elimination. The scale utilized was a scale of Mettler, Model Not. PC4400, and the weight were measured in milligrams.


The unit of Drionic was a battery compact device operated that delivered a maximum of 25 volts of the electricity to the surface of the skin for two inch V2 water gross soaked cushions of wool. According to the manufacturer inhibits the sweat by the process of iontophoresis. lontophoresis passes a direct current by the skin to create an irritation to the conduit of the sweat of the eccrine, producing a hyperkeratinization and having as a result a "plug of obstruction or parakeratonic". This "plug" prevents sweat by a period of time.1-3


Each subject or their father they were familiarized with the correct method to operate the device of Drionic according to cost of hyperhidrosis the guidelines of the manufacturer. When full competence was shown to the terapeuta, the procedure then was done daily in a home program base.


The procedure of the processing was divided into three parts; the preparation of skin, the preparation of device, and controlled thirty use of minute of the unit. Still more recording of pertinent data in a daily newspaper was done at home along with weekly measures of sweat taken in the Hospital. Before the processing that the skin was prepared by wiping with care the area chosen of the stump with 70% of alcohol of isopropyl to assure it was clean. Any abrasions of the skin, the irritation, or the rasguños were covers with vaseline to hinder the concentration of the current and to diminish the inconvenience to the area. The device was prepared according to the instructions of the manufacturer. each boy was asked to put the sphere in the he/she higher of the placement would be able to tolerate. (Too much drop a placement would have as a result no processing). The schedule of the processing was a 30 period of minute each day. At the end of the processing, the machine was dull and the felt cushions were removed and they were clarified completely with running water. The treated skin was clarified with tepid water and dried. All conclusions were registered in a daily newspaper and informed the terapeuta in the session when the measures were taken. The cranial hyperhidrosis data registered were, a) the hours prosthesis number was carried, B) the length of the processing, C) the level of the voltaje, and D) the adverse reactions (p.and. the rojez or the erythema, to feel I swarm uncomfortable, to scale, the vesículas).


Reduction of data


The measure of the sweat in milligrams for each subject was registered and was averaged for each time the period of the design (ie. Pretreatment, the processing, and posttreatment). The tests for the meaning were not carried out since there was too little subjects implied in the investigation for the results to be significant therefore the discussion will be directed in terms of tendencies only.


The nice fibers originate in the nucleus of preoptic of the hypothalamus, the down the trip the spinal cord to the areas, and to the intermediate lateral synapse in cranial hyperhidrosis segments T1 by L2. A preganglionic nice synapse cost of hyperhidrosis of fiber with multiple cells of up the postganglionic and down the paravertebral nice trunk. From there, a single nice ganglion supplies innervation of the glands sudaríparas of at least six levels of dermatomal of ipsilateral. The face and the eyelid are supplied for segments T1-4; spinal the upper members, by segments T2-8; spinal the trunk, by segments T4-12; spinal and the lower members, by segments T10-12.[2] spinal


Hyperhidrosis located unilateral secondary to tumors of intrathoracic of ipsilateral is a rare occurrence. Stanforda reported three cases of mesothelioma that caused hyperhidrosis of paroxysmal of ipsilateral that implies the front, the face, the hemithorax upper, the shoulder, and the arm related to the widespread participation of the intercostal nerve and the nice chain. Lambert and collaborating [4] described a case of hyperhidrosis unilateral in the same associated areas with a left tumor of myelomatous of lambda of paraspinal IgD. Hyperhidrosis was reported to disappear in this case after the irradiation. [4] Some reports of bronchial carcinoma that causes that hyperhidrosis of paroxysmal of ipsilateral related to the violation of the tumor in the nice trunk or in intercostal nerves has been reported also. [5-7]


Hyperhidrosis segmental unilateral on a dermatome solitary is still more exceptional, and difficult to explain neuroanatomically and physiologically, like the stimulus of previous a single root has as a result generally the nice effects on the distribution of numerous nice ganglions. Still more, there is a superimposition of dermatomal of innervation nice. Aúne [8] reported a case of an osteoma of the tenth one vérterbra number that produced hyperhidrosis unilateral in the left side, initially by the dermatome T10 but evolving quickly on a period of 5 months to cost of hyperhidrosis imply the complete left side of the trunk of the axilla to T12. Dworin and Calm [9] described a 23-year-old woman with idiopathic hyperhidrosis unilateral that implies the cranial hyperhidrosis eighth one dermatome correct sideways excessive sweat antiperspirants and medication.
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