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Acupuncture and hyperhidrosis

Sympathectomy is a surgical procedure that destroys nerves in the nice nervous system. The procedure is done to enlarge the blood irrigation and to diminish the long-term pain in certain illnesses that causes blood vessels tightened. It can be utilized also to diminish to sweat excessive. This surgical procedure cuts or destroys the nice ganglions, the neuron acupuncture and hyperhidrosis bodies collections in groups by the spinal cord anal hyperhidrosis or lumbar.



The autonomous nervous system that controls unwilled (involuntary) the functions of the body, just as breathing, to sweat, and the tension, is divided into the nice one and the parasympathetic nervous systems. The nice nervous system hurries the rhythm of the heart, narrow (presses) blood vessels, and raises the tension. The tension is controlled through neurons that run for sheaths around the arteries. The nice nervous system can be described as the "the fight or the flight" system because permits us to respond to the danger fighting against to an assailant or escaping. When danger threat, the nice nervous system enlarges heart and respiratory rate, enlarges the blood irrigation to muscles, and diminishes the blood irrigation to other areas, just as skin, the digestive tract, and veins of member. The net effect is an increase in the tension. Sympathectomy is carried out to alleviate to press intermittent of blood vessels (ischemia) when the fingers, the fingers, the ears, or the nose they are exposed to the cold (the phenomenon of Raynaud). In the phenomenon of Raynaud, the extremities affected rotate white, then blue, and red as the supply of blood is short. The changes of the color are accompanied by the stiffness, to feel swarming, to burn, and of the pain. The color and the normal feeling are restored when heat is applied. The condition occurs at times without the direct cause but without most often is caused for a fundamental medical condition, arthritis just as rheumatoid. Sympathectomy is generally less effective when Raynaud acupuncture and hyperhidrosis is caused for a fundamental medical condition. The blood vessels tightened in the legs that causes to hinder painful (claudication) are treaties also with anal hyperhidrosis sympathectomy. Sympathectomy can be useful in treating reflects nice dystrophy (RSD), a condition that develops at times after the injury. In RSD, the member affected is painful (causalgia) and swollen. The color, the temperature, and the texture of the change of skin. These symptoms are related to the activity prolonged and excessive of the nice nervous system. Because to sweat is controlled for the nice nervous system, sympathectomy is also cash in treating to sweat excessive (hyperhidrosis) of the palms, of armpits, or of the face.



To determine if sympathectomy is needed, a block reversible of the neuron affected (ganglion) should be done. A block reversible of the ganglion interrupts the impulses of nerve through steroid and anesthetic injected in it. If the block has a positive effect in the pain and the blood irrigation in the area affected, the sympathectomy will be probably useful. The surgical procedure should be carried out only if the conservative processing has not worked. The conservative processing includes the exposition that avoids to emphasize and the cold, the physiotherapy, and the medicines. Sympathectomy is very probable to be cash in alleviating the pain of the reflected nice dystrophy if is done shortly after the injury occurs. Nevertheless, the benefit enlarged of the early surgery should be stable against time needed to promote the recovery and the spontaneous answer to the conservative processing.



Sympathectomy was done traditionally as a procedure surgical impatient low general anesthesia. An incision was done in the half a back, exposing the ganglions to be cut. The recent techniques are less invasive and they can be done low local anesthesia and as surgery of outpatient. If only an arm or the leg they are affected, they can be dealt with a frequency of acupuncture and hyperhidrosis of the technique of radio. In this technique, the surgeon locates the ganglions by a combination of X-ray and electric stimulus. The ganglions are destroyed applying radio waves by electrodes in the skin. Sympathectomy for the hyperhidrosis can be done doing a small incision under the armpit and to introduce air in the cavity of chest. The surgeon puts a pipe of the optical fiber (endoscopy) that projects an image of the operation in a screen video. The ganglions then can be cut with scissors of fine connected to the endoscopy. The laser beams can be utilized also to destroy the ganglions.



When with any surgery, the patients should discuss the results expected and the possible risks with their surgeons. They should tell them their surgeons all medicines they take and all their medical problems, and they should be in the good general health. To improve the general health, the patient can be asked to make thin, to stop smoking or the alcohol, and obtain the appropriate dream, the diet, and the exercise. Immediately before the surgery, the patients will not be permitted to eat neither to drink, and the surgical place will be cleaned and will be scrubbed.



The surgeon will inform the patient about the specific aid he needed for the technique utilized. Ultrasonography of Doppler, a test that utilizes sound waves to measure the blood irrigation, he can help to determine if sympathectomy has had a positive result.



The effects of the side of sympathectomy can include the tension diminished upon being stopped, that can cause fadings. After sympathectomy in men, the semen be exclaimed at times in the vesícula, that can damage the fertility. After a sympathectomy done putting an endoscopy in the cavity of chest, the patients can experience pain of chest with breathing deep. This problem disappears generally in two weeks. They can experience also pneumothorax (air in the cavity of chest). In 30% anal hyperhidrosis of cases, the surgery for the hyperhidrosis can cause to sweat enlarged in the chest. In 2% of cases, this surgery cause to sweat enlarged in other areas, inclusive to sweat while to eat facial enlarged. Other complications occur less frequently. These complications include syndrome of Horner, a condition of the nervous system that causes that the student of the eye close, the eyelid to be inclined, and sweating to diminish in a side of the face. Other rare complications are obstructions and nasal pains of the nerves that supply the skin among the ribs.

Normal results


Some studies report that sympathectomy alleviates acupuncture and hyperhidrosis in the meantime as 75% of cases. The studies anal hyperhidrosis show also that alleviate hyperhidrosis in the more than 90% of cases. The procedures less invasive cause very little to mark. The majority of the patients they remain in the hospital for less than a day and the return to work inside the week.

The key Calls


Causalgia A severe sensation of the Ardor at times accompanied by the rojez and the inflammation of the skin. Causalgia is caused for the injury to a nerve out of the spinal cord. Claudication that Hinders or afflicts in a leg caused by the poor blood irrigation. This condition is caused frequently by arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis). Claudication intermittent occurs only in certain times, generally after exercise, and is alleviated for the rest. The optical fiber In the medicine, the optical fiber utilize glass or plastic fibers to transmit the light by a pipe especially designed. The pipe is put in the cavities of organs or body where transmits it an image enlarged of the internal structures of the Body. Hyperhidrosis to sweat Excessive. Hyperhidrosis can be caused for the heat, by hyperactive glands of thyroid, by the strong emotion, by the menopause, or by the infection. The parasympathetic nervous system The division of the autonomous one (involuntary or unwilled) nervous system that loosens rhythm of the heart, the digestive increases and the activity of gland, and relaxes the muscles of sphincter that block the body organs. Percutaneous Carried acupuncture and hyperhidrosis out for the skin, of the latin, signifying for and, signifying skin. Pneumothorax A collection of air or gas in the cavity of chest that causes that a lung collapse. Pneumothorax can be caused for an injury in the open chest that admits air.
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